Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fashionably Late: Leggings

Hello friends! We are so close to the weekend, and even closer to that one magical day of the year when we can eat our feelings without fear of judgement!

Speaking of that all day eating marathon (which, let's face it, starts at Thanksgiving and doesn't stop until the new year), let's talk about appropriate attire. You want to look good, in case of obligatory family photos, but you also want to be able to accommodate that food baby and an after-meal stretch out on the couch (or floor, you know, whichever is close).

Leggings. I know it, you know it, we ALL know it.

 photo 42d8da1c-03ea-407c-b049-daeb13b2758b_zps423f01a4.jpg 

I know this isn't a revolutionary idea, and all the legit fashion bloggers did their posts about leggings MONTHS ago. But that is not the point of Fashionably Late. FL is all for people like me who are still too scared to wear booties with jeans, and most times have no earthly idea the appropriate way to to wrap a scarf.

 photo 05c118d5-37cd-4f4d-ac6c-8f733046d12a_zps921b725c.jpg 

A few weeks ago I was thinking about how I have no idea where to get a good pair of leggings, because ladies, let me tell ya, my crop leggings I bought from Vicky's (Victoria's Secret) two years ago just aren't cuttin' it anymore. Luckily, Pinterest Told Me To saved the day, and I ordered these Hue leggings from Nordstrom. I went a little bold the first time I wore them and paired it with a sweater that only just covered my heiney, and threw on a pair of heels instead of boots. I feel like I totally pulled it off, and was the most fashionable girl on the golf course that day! (Also, only girl on the golf course that day.)

 photo 7dd7cae5-c029-4dfe-82a2-cb574ee3cbc7_zps8ce4dc4b.jpg 

Ladies, if you still can't get into the legging trend, try a pair from Hue. They come in a bajillion patterns and colors (okay, maybe more like five or six), and they are very forgiving.

Treat Yo' Self Thursdays Link-up

Leggings // Hue via Nordstrom
Sweater // Target
Earrings // Kate Spade
Shoes (boots) // Rampage via Belk
Shoes (heels) // J.Crew Clearance Store
Sunglasses // Ray Ban

All Love,

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  1. I have been on the legging train forever (even though I feel like I'm flashing back to the 80s every time I wear them) because it's kind of like wearing PJs to work :) I recently got on board with booties and jeans and haven't looked back. You look so cute!


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