Monday, November 11, 2013

Just Another Music Monday, V.9

Just another Music Mondayyyyy...wish it were Sundayyyyy, just another Music Monday!

You're welcome.

I've had today's Music Monday post brewing in my mind for a while, so it's about time I share it with you (speaking of "about time," Matt and I saw that movie over the weekend, and I may have started crying during the previews and basically didn't stop--you know where I place the blame for that).

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Anyway, let's talk about Pandora. I know there are a billion and one other options these days, but at one point Pandora was the end-all, be-all of music players, and it made me feel as if all of my wishes were coming true. Pandora just seemed to get me, and that still holds true today. Whether I was in the mood to dance, relax, or mope around over unrequited love, Pandora always knew exactly what to play.

It's always been you, Pandora. It's always been you.

In honor of my love for Pandora, here are my top stations to fit your every mood:

1. Van Morrison
Perfect for road trips, summer evenings, and cooking dinner with a glass of wine in hand.

2. Dance Party
My dance party station (literally--that is its title) was founded on Lady Gaga. Later on, I added Britney (no brainer there) and I threw in the Ting Tings for a bit of pep that was a little less mainstream but not enough to look like a hipster. It mostly plays hits from 2009, so it's not always up-to-date, but it still works, ESPECIALLY when I know I can count on hearing these magical words at least once:
"All eyes on me in the center of a ring just like a circus."

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3. The Scientist + Manchester Orchestra
Shuffling up these two stations is the best when you're feeling moody and emotional about your life. 

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4. All I Want for Christmas is You
Because, DUH, Mariah Carey + Chrismas music. I highly doubt you'll need further convincing. 

5. Chicago
I find this best suits a very specific situation--when you're cooking dinner with a glass of wine in hand AND you want to have a dance party at the same time. It also works well for a cleaning/dance party combo. 

6. Delta Rae
Can't explain it, but this station makes me the most productive at work. 

7. Glee Cast
This station is very kid friendly (mostly). It's perfect if you're like me and sometimes (all the time) pretend you are a broadway singing sensation.
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8. Florence + the Machine or Ingrid Michaelson
Sometimes, you just want to listen to the ladies. Flo, Ingrid, Regina, Sara B.--gang's all here! Both of these stations are also instant mood boosters.

9. Loretta Lynn
Classic country, it's perfect for a Friday afternoon at work or when you just need to hear Loretta stick it to the man (which most of the time was Doo, bless his heart).

10. 90s Awesomeness
I think this station started out with Third Eye Blind then obviously morphed into all bands involved from one of the greatest music decades of all time. This station is perfect for a road trip with friends, because everyone can sing along.
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Am I the only one who still frequents Pandora on a weekly basis? What are your favorite stations? 

p.s. The Van Morrison station also makes Mondays better. It's a scientific fact.

All love,


  1. Okay so at a little get-together once, a friend turned on the Billy Joel radio and it was pretty darn solid. I'm definitely down most of these, especially Loretta Lynn because she is a goddess.

  2. I listen to Pandora EVERY DAY at work. All day erryday. I have fine tuned some pretty bomb channels if I do say so myself. I want your Dance Party station!


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