Monday, November 25, 2013

Loaded for Trouble

You know what makes a Monday better? When you've only got two days in the work week.

A good, hearty laugh also makes Mondays better. My dad recently emailed us this picture, with the subject titled "this guy means bizness."

 photo c47b9950-dd3c-45d0-a9f6-0bb250dd4620_zps0a4679b6.jpg
Image courtesy of my pops

You don't know fear until you've faced a shotgun that's not just fully loaded, but loded fer troble! If there's one thing us Appalachians won't tolerate, it's hell raisin, and better believe we will do what we gotta do to take care of it!

My dad took this picture at work--"work" for him means he is driving around the mountains, inspecting natural gas lines and oil wells. Before you go off thinking this is another instance of society perpetuating the stereotype that Appalachians are dumber than d-u-m, think again--would you have been able to come up with such a totally clever and hilarious way to tell folks to keep off your property? I don't think so. 

All love,

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