Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ravenswood--What Could Happen?

Raise your hand if you are watching Ravenswood, the much anticipated spin-off of Pretty Little Liars.

Matt and I have been following along since it premiered a few weeks ago, and we aren't entirely committed yet. We tuned in mostly because we hoped it would fill the empty void left by PLL until it returns in January, but also because we love a good mystery. Let me tell ya, friends, Ravenswood is in over its head with mysteries. Matt and I were getting to be annoyed with all the nonsense they kept throwing out each week, but now it appears that they are tying it all together. So, we'll keep on watching, I'll probably keep on blogging about it, and in the meantime here are a few of my theories on what will happen in RAVENSWOOD (imagine me saying that in a creepy voice).

1. The finale will be a cross-over episode with the season premier of PLL, in which we will discover that this was all an elaborate plot by A. to separate Caleb from Hannah.

2. Death/vengeful spirit/whatever it is gives up on the curse, mostly because it is tired of seeing Miranda's face as she tries to convey complex emotions.

What is this Miranda? Wistful? Pensive? Terrified? Get your social cues together.
3. Ravenswood is actually purgatory, and everyone has been dead since the first episode.

Tricked you! You're dead already!
4. It was all just a dream. Aria's dream, actually, because her weird clothes and love of vintage movies gives her too much of an overactive imagination.

5. The brother and sister (the people we least suspected, because come on--who are they, what are they doing, and what are their names anyway?) turn out to be the ones killing teens to appease their pagan gods. We find out they are centuries old, they're married, and feasting on the souls of five youth every 50 years is the secret to a happy marriage AND a youthful glow.

Don't they just look evil to you? 
There you have it, friends! Don't be surprised if it ends in any of the above mentioned scenarios--I have a sixth sense for these things, like I have ESPN or something. Let's just get this show wrapped up so we can move back to PLL.

p.s. Did anybody else ask themselves the question, "is it still cheating if it's with a dead girl?" #CalebandMiranda


  1. I might have to TIVO this show to see what all the hype is about!

    1. You should! I mean, it's pretty terrible...terribly entertaining!

  2. Yes, I've definitely been watching this show. I can't help it! And I absolutely hate the dumb outfit Miranda died in b/c now everytime she appears, she's in that over-accessorized nonsense. Plus in the latest episode her lip color kept changing. Glad to know she's got her lipstick in in-between-land.

    1. Well, good thing she has her lipstick, because she always seems to be biting her lip in anguish, so she will need to reapply often.

  3. Hahahaha. I love 1, 3 and 5. A plot by A seems highly likely. They are all actually dead like in Lost, I love it. And a dream of Aria's hahahaha. I just love it. My question is how do these high school children just run around and live here and there and wherever they want? This is so not realistic lol. Ok I will stop now but I will be messaging you once I catch up!

    1. I don't get it either! Who has time for school when you've got a curse to break?


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