Friday, November 15, 2013

Sharing is NOT Caring

I know this has probably been said a million times over by other bloggers and websites, Facebook DOES NOT need to be an open book about your life. Matt and I both agree that Facebook is THE WORST these days, but we still use it, albeit a little less frequently than in the golden age of Facebook, when it was just for smart college kids and you couldn't instantly share every boring detail of your life.

I think Facebook would be much more bearable if we could all JUST STOP sharing the following things:

- Your birth story
Yes, it's great to share with all your FB friends that you're expecting and when the baby is due. Heck, I'm not even bothered by sonogram pictures (just kidding, I am...sometimes). But the one thing nobody needs is a play-by-play update on how many centimeters you are dilated. Seriously, there is not a single person on Facebook who wants that mental image--not even your mom.

- What you ate for dinner
I know it's fun to post pictures of meals (duh, instagram it), especially when it's all dressed up from a fancy restaraunt. I also know that it's fun to get excited and share a meal you made (look! I managed to cook a steak and it wasn't horrible!). That being said, myself and everyone else on Facebook does not need to see a picture of your boring old chicken and asparagus showing up on our news feed every day. Congratulations, you've made the easiest/most bland meal of all time. Do you want a parade?

- Sharing nothing but LIES
I get it. Sometimes, you read something and you are so outraged, or maybe so frightened, that you just have to immediately share it with all of your Facebook friends. Before you do that, I just want you to check your sources and make sure what you're actually sharing is legit. You are going to be all "egg on my face!" when you realize that Obamacare does not, in fact, require you to have a "mark of the best chip" implanted into your skin.

via Giphy
- Vague, whiny status updates/duck-face selfies/baby daddy/mamma drama
I'm just lumping these all into one because I am starting to get really cranky just talking about this nonsense. I know we're all guilty of posting something about being sick or having a bad day, but we also all know at least one person who does this all day, every day. I typically unsubscribe (or unfriend), but somehow there will inevitably be a computer glitch and their Debbie Downer status will make its way into my news feed once again.

Lastly, can we all start using proper grammar and spelling? I can't take anything you say seriously otherwise.

Now that I've been a Negative Nancy, let me balance things out by putting some positivity back in the world--and what better way to do that than through a giveaway?!?

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All love,


  1. *Standing ovation* Seriously!!!!

    When it comes to food, I created a Facebook group for us to share photos with recipes.
    And no, we don't wanna know how big your hoohah has stretched. Thankyouverymuch.

    Thanks for the laugh today!

  2. I concur with ALL of this. Which is precisely why I stay off Facebook. Too many
    parentals on there anyways. Boo.

    - Alex

  3. Oh my god, I hate the vague facebookers. There are two fb friends of mine who do nothing but make dramatic statuses that indicate they're upset for some reason but then of course they don't actually share the only bit that anyone wants to know---wtf happened?

  4. AaaaaaaaaMEN! People are RIDICULOUS on Facebook these days. "Like this photo if you hate cancer." Duh????????????????

  5. great post.
    i don't have a facebook because of all the above reasons. you hit it right on point. :)


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