Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Now that I've told you a little more about myself, it's time I introduce you to our child. No, not a real child, a puppy child. Her name is Millicent Abigail Thomas and we think she is the bees knees:
 photo 0d156a3d-4a66-4896-93e6-ab6bf3c78f32_zps0d317c39.jpg
Here she is when she was just a tiny butterball, after her first visit to the vet.
In a way, she is kind of the namesake of the blog. We named her after the musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie, because I always dreamed of having a puppy named Millie so I could sing songs to her from the musical. After that, I realized "Thoroughly Modern" would also work really well as a blog name.

I'm usually including her antics in some way or another each week, and she has been a guest poster several times, which you can read here, here, and here.

I thought about asking Millie to do a guest post for today, but her schedule was too full (lots of tennis play-dates with Burton and Copper), so you get plain ol' me for today's special link-up with Karly and Jackie: Pets are People Too.

Karly Kim

Also linking up with Betsy, Emily, and Sara!

Pets are people too, and just like humans they have the most bizarre (and hilarious) quirks. I don't know about other puppies, but Millie's got a novel's worth of these funny little habits she does every day.

- Every time she comes out of the crate, she MUST have something in her mouth. Someone told me this is the retriever in her, which I believe to be the truth. At first, she would grab one of the toys we would leave with her in her cage, but since she has destroyed all of her toys she now latches onto a blanket or towel. She then maneuvers this blanket up on the bed, and will sometimes barrel her way downstairs with blankie in tow.

 photo da629b63-10e7-4f92-bbef-b485b72d6ead_zps6cd195fb.jpg
She just loves her security blankie!
- She's a little bit scared of her own shadow. Sometimes, when I walk her at night, she gets scared by the wind blowing and shadows on the ground, so she refuses to do her business and we have to go back inside.

- She likes to play a fun game called "bite the leash." She starts jumping around, trying to bite the leash and take off running with it, growling all the while.

 photo c2510718-2ef1-41f8-adf8-75ab52419701_zpse6c7f73d.jpg
When she was smaller, she would just get picked up if she was misbehaving. We no longer have that as an option.
- She is BANANAS over her tennis ball. She barks and jumps and cries when I put it away for the night because she gets SO mad.

- If the door to the shower is open ever so slightly, she will walk right in. Girl loves that shower water!

- She picks at and eventually eats the excess hair on her tail. No matter how many times we say "Millie! Stop making a butt plug," she keeps at it.

- When we get her upstairs to go in her crate, she knows right away we're getting ready to leave. So, she does the only sensible thing she can do: she either takes off running downstairs (if the bedroom door is open), or she runs and hides under the bed. The only thing that will get her out is if you say "See ya later Millie, I'm leaving," then make a dramatic fake exit. Once that happens, she immediately runs into her crate.

 photo 1a5d734e-2a38-4298-af2f-d8457a649beb_zpsc276e90c.jpg
This is CLASSIC Millie!
This is only the tip of the iceberg; maybe next time Millie will clear up some time in her schedule so she can do her own post about the unique little quirks and habits that make up the precious little doodle we know and love.

 photo a42cdbb9-ee98-4a97-8b0b-4e281495035b_zps3a842b59.jpg
Which includes lying like this on the couch.

All Love,


  1. OMG! He is the cutest! I know our dogs are like family! Wouldn't know what I'd do if something happened to them. They make our home happier for sure:)

  2. awww! millie is so cute! my one dog also grabs a toy whenever we get home and she parades around with it in her mouth all excited. that's her way of showing off (and she certainly isn't part retriever ha). thanks for linking up!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  3. She is the cutest dog ever!!!! I want to snuggle her!

  4. Millie is such a cutie! She looks like she'd be great to snuggle with! When it's time for my dog to go in his room he runs away and lays down. Then when I go to get him he rolls over and gives me the biggest puppy dog eyes. It's pretty cute.

  5. Milicent is SUCH a cute name!!!!!!!!! I love it! My pup has a security blanket, too. They gave it to us when we picked him up and he's stuck to it like glue ever since. It stinks like puppy, but I'll never wash it b/c I love that puppy smell. :) Bahahahah @ "stop making a butt plug!" That's awesome. She looks suuuuper snuggly! :)

  6. Aww Millie is so cute though! Look at those eyes!

  7. That picture of her on the couch... sooo cute!!! She looks so cuddly. P.S. I saw that play on Broadway about 10 years ago.

    Visiting from the linkup :-)


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