Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Treat Yo Self Tuesday: Gift Guide, V.1

It's that time again--it's the holiday season and it's not just time to TREAT YO SELF, but also time to treat your friends and family. The older you get, the more complicated present shopping becomes, and if you're like me you're probably hoping to get a head start on things this month.

Fear not, dear readers. For the next few weeks, TREAT YO SELF TUESDAY will be devoted to gift guides, and today we are starting with the most difficult on the list--men. 

Tell me I'm not the only one who finds shopping for men difficult. Let's be honest, are they ever really helpful with gift shopping? "What do you want this year?" "Oh, I don't need anything." THANKS.

I feel like I have some level of expertise when it comes to shopping for men, since I've been shopping for my two older brothers and my dad for years, and then Matt (and his dad!) came into the equation a few years ago. Those "traditional" gift guides for men have never applied to my immediate family (i.e., golf balls and ties), and although Matt and his dad are avid golfers, who wants to get a box of golf balls every holiday and birthday! The same ol' same ol' gets old fast, so I've had to be really creative. Here are some of my top picks for unique and classic gifts for all the men in your life.

 photo b4b75a91-0f4e-42cd-befb-3ab846d45528_zps61b976d4.jpg

1. Everyone needs their own  flask. Mine is pink and monogrammed! Even if he doesn't drink alcohol, it's still useful for coffee and hot chocolate (ask me about my successful mock trial defense on whether or not a soccer coach was drinking on the field). I love how this one is classed up with leather--I found it at One Kings Lane.

2. Throw in a six pack of his favorite beer and you've got yourself an instant, dude-friendly gift basket (although I won't lie, I wouldn't mind this as a gift). Book found via Wayfair.

3. I actually just ordered this clock from Pottery Barn for my brother's birthday. It's the perfect gift for a guy who needs help decorating his place. 

4. I bet you're thinking, "Kate, that's not a creative gift, that's a boring old polo!" Actually, dear reader, that is actually a House of Stark polo shirt from ThinkGeek, perfect for any GoT enthusiast. 

5. Sending a box of bacon-wrapped filet mignons is pricier than these other options, but it's a delicious and thoughtful gift if you're in an LDR, or if your big brother lives on the other side of the planet and won't be home for Christmas (he actually lives in Florida, but might as well be another continent). Honestly, this is a gift that works well for any meat lover in your family.

6. Zombies are definitely having their moment--take advantage of the trend and send this clever gift from Etsy.

7. Anyone with a sense of humor will love this desk calendar from The Onion; and if you don't have a sense of humor, then who are you? Product description should do all the convincing:

"With every passing day, you're one day closer to your inevitable death. Distract yourself from this life truth with the 2014 Onion Daily Desk Calendar."

8. This picture comes from LivingSocial for a gin-infusion class. This one takes place in the DC area, but go peruse the LivingSocial website because they have a plethora of fun activities and events in your local city that work great as gifts.

Stay tuned to next week's gift guide for the ladies! 

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  1. The Onion desk calendar?! I'm sold.

  2. Oh my gosh... that desk calendar is PERFECT for my man! I'm so glad you posted this... guys really are the hardest to shop for!

  3. Such great gifts! That beer making guide looks fun!

  4. i love all these gifts and it's definitely a lot better than the same ole same ole. of course when my dad tells me he doesn't want anything i kinda just want to get him socks like i have for the past four years..i mean come on! you can't think of SOMETHING?!

    (new follower, stopping by from Life of Bon)

  5. Shopping for men is definitely the most difficult! Thanks for the fun ideas!

    Stopping by from Totally Posted Tuesday!


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