Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Treat Yo Self Tuesday

Hello friends! I know today was supposed to be another gift guide edition, but I decided to save that for next week. Today, I wanted to remind you of the most important thing this holiday season:

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Yes, everyone all over blogland is all "HOLIDAYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSS FOR DAYYYYYYSSSSSS!!!" but we all know that the holiday season can also be the stressful season. You're juggling time with friends and families, battling the crowds to get your shopping done, all the while packing on more pounds because DUH, holiday food and holiday parties. Also, I don't know about you, but my job certainly doesn't slow down in December--if anything, it revs up.

So friends, for today's TYS post, I bring you all my favorite, easy peasy ways to treat yo self, because you will need it this holiday season.

Even if all that means is popping a bottle of Andre and some generic orange juice while watching Love, Actually--doesn't matter, TREAT YO SELF.

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- Bubble Baths
This is my favorite bubble bath ever (if you seriously want to TYS), but Target also has some affordable, lovely smelling options that will do in a pinch.

- A Delicious Meal
If you're like me, holiday weight is probably always in the back of your mind (and in the back of other places, if you catch my drift), but that shouldn't stop you from treating yourself to a delightful meal out one night with your best friend or sig other. Find a cozy little corner in your favorite restaurant, order a steak, a glass of wine, and just relax and let loose. Don't talk about anything holiday related and you will feel the tension melting from your shoulders (or that might be the wine making you feel relaxed, but whatever).

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- Holiday Movie Marathon
Set aside time to just lounge and watch your favorites. Don't try to wrap presents, decorate, address Christmas cards, or do a billion other things while you watch, just sit back and enjoy the movie.

Keep the change
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- Treat Someone Else
No, I don't mean treat your relatives at the family potluck to a tray of deviled eggs--treat someone who may not be all about the holidays the way you are. Drop all your change into the Salvation Army bucket; buy gifts for a family in need; fill your cart with the nicest non perishable items money can buy and give it all to a food bank. I'm not saying go for broke, but there are lots of ways that you can help others during the holiday season, and they don't all involve spending extra money or extra time.

How do you like to TREAT YO SELF during the holidays? Share with us all below, and we will try to keep it in mind when we're ready to scream because we've been shopping all day and all we need are carbs and caffeine and the line for Starbucks is out the door and around the corner.

All Love,

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