Thursday, December 5, 2013

Life Lessons from Christmas Classics: First Edition

Hello, friends! I sincerely hope that as this post goes live, I will be fully awake and fully refreshed, just spinning away at my gym's 5:30am RPM class.

More likely though, I'll hit snooze, oversleep, and forget to pack my lunch so I end up going to Taco Bell. Such is life!

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Speaking of life and the lessons it teaches us, I've dreamed up a new little series just in time for the holidays. Christmas movies are one of my very favorite parts of the holiday season. They remind me of my childhood, and by golly, there's nothing that makes me feel more warm and fuzzy inside than watching that scene at the airport in Love, Actually.

In honor of all of our holiday favorites, every week leading up to Christmas I will share with you all the lessons I've learned from my favorite Christmas movies of all time.

This week, we begin with a Classic--Home Alone (I'm going to include the first two movies in this post, because they are obviously the only ones that count).

- Always set a back-up alarm
I can't tell you how many times over the years I was super paranoid my alarm would fail and I would miss out on some important event, such as getting left behind while my family takes an awesome trip to Paris without me.

If only you had a backup alarm--we wouldn't have a movie.
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- Don't be afraid of old people
The South Bend Shovel Slayer ended up rescuing Kevin from the Wet Bandits, then the pigeon lady saved him from the Sticky Bandits in NYC (spoiler alert: the wet AND sticky bandits are the same). The point is, don't push away the elderly, because they may one day save you from a pair of crooks you just spent a good hour torturing.

The elderly were also there to deliver the movie's big lessons.
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- Drinking too much soda before bed is a PLD
I'm not gonna hate on Fuller for his "problem," because we've all been there, amiright?!? But little four year old Katie took it to heart that wetting the bed would make you an even bigger social pariah than Kevin--and Kevin was such a disease!

Easy on the Pepsi!
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- Aftershave burns and makes you scream in agony
Except it doesn't, according to my husband, and THAT'S a lie I've been believing for over twenty years.

I guess he was just having an allergic reaction.
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- Throw around legal jargon to impress your friends
How is it that people who do bad things don't get sent to prison? "Not enough evidence to convict!" Thanks, Buzz!

- Hotel employees can be easily duped
I know I wasn't the only kid who dreamed of living it up in the penthouse suite at the ding dang dong plaza hotel. If I could have just gotten my grubby little hands on a talk-back, a credit card, and a wad of cash, I would have made that dream come true.

Eating cheese pizza in a limo is still on my bucket list.
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- Don't give out your personal information to strangers
Mostly, don't give your information to creepy men parading as police officers, or the cashier in the checkout line.

I can't tell you that...because you're a stranger!
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- Be careful what you wish for
Because you might wake up and find out that it all came true.

I made my family disappear?!?
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I could go on and on forever about Home Alone, but I'll cap it off here because I'm tired. What's the best lesson you've learned from Kevin McCallister?

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