Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Life Lessons from Elf

We're back! It's time for the second edition of Life Lessons from Christmas Classics. This week, we discuss another one of my favorites--Elf.

I think I could probably act out the entire movie line by line. I watch it multiple times during the holiday season, and sometimes I'll watch it just for kicks in the middle of July. You're probably thinking "gee Katie, surely you've learned at least one thing from watching it a bajillion times!"

Yes, I've learned plenty, and don't call me Shirley!

1. Be adventurous
Being adventurous could mean something as big as journeying to a land you've never journeyed to before, or it could mean trying new foods. Who knew spaghetti noodles and pop tarts paired so nicely?

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2. Believe in yourself
Don't ever let anyone call you a cotton-headed ninny muggins. We've all got special talents--and if anyone tries to tell you different, just smugly remind them of the time you saved Christmas.

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3. Don't cram cookies into the VCR (or DVD/Blu Ray player)
Sometimes, the lessons in Elf are self-explanatory.

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4. When in doubt, sing
There are times in life when we have to have tough conversations with the people we love. For instance, it's not easy to show up at a stranger's office and tell him you're his 30 year old son that he never knew existed. The next time you have to deliver earth-shattering news, do so via a singing Christmasgram.

5. Cumulus clouds are full of wisdom
They carry that wisdom with them when they become snow, and eventually, snowmen. It's a scientific fact!

6. It's okay to have a lot of feelings
Buddy was always willing to express his feelings and, let's be honest, not many of us are courageous enough to do the same. Buddy taught me it was always important to be open and honest with others, even if that meant getting into a fistfight with a fake Santa in front of a room full of children. 

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7. Be prepared
You never know what life may throw at you next--a new job offer, an opportunity to travel abroad, or maybe a situation in which you need to construct a winter-wonderland village overnight while locked in a department store.

8. There's room for everyone on the nice list
Even though I have been disillusioned from Breaking Bad, I still hold fast to the belief that, deep down, people are good. If there's hope for a guy like Walter Hobbs (I almost typed Walter White, whoops), then there's hope for us all! 

I think I love this movie so much because it makes me feel like a kid again (even though I was a teenager when it was released in theaters). It reminds me of being home for Christmas, wrapped up in a blanket on the couch, with Buddy the Elf and the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree to keep my company. I always believe it to be of the utmost importance to sing along at the end, otherwise Santa might not get his sleigh to fly! 

Now I'm getting emotional, so this might be a good place to stop. What is your favorite lesson learned from Buddy the Elf (what's your favorite color)?

All Love,

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