Thursday, December 19, 2013

Snowy Day

Last week, we had a little snowstorm here in Loudoun, and we just happened to have a photo shoot already scheduled that morning with Whitney from Sweet MEmery's Photography. Kristine (SIL) put it together for Debbie's (MIL) birthday, and it was so much fun for us all to get together and take pictures, both inside AND in the snow.

 photo 3a49168b-2ec5-4b3b-9e72-ba1f72906076_zps2dac317f.jpg 

 photo 4cdf2ae1-60ab-4645-9090-4047d9c1adb1_zps2409ecdc.jpg 

I LOVE the way they turned out, especially the ones in the snow, and Whitney was kind enough to do the anniversary picture we wanted to take as well.

 photo b5f05afd-c573-431e-bb9f-598293539f82_zps674cd922.jpg

 photo a1ad5f77-850a-4de5-bcc1-da22f0f93869_zpsa868a96c.jpg 

Not to mention--isn't Charlotte the best? I just love that little girl so much.

 photo 3043314f-f6f1-46bf-a4be-62b247a1c64d_zpsae76a9c2.jpg
Gimme dat cookie! 
Professional photo shoot in the snow? Guess that's one item I can check off the bucket list.

 photo d4d6084c-c0e9-424a-9848-9280151361ae_zps11ee5228.jpg

Lastly, did you think I was going to end this post without telling you where I got my fabulous outfit? Of course not.

Sweater // Loft
Jeans // Loft
Ballet Flats // Coach
Necklace // J. Crew
Earrings // Kate Spade
Snow boots // LL Bean (similar)
Wool Coat // J.Crew Clearance Store (similar)
Scarf // Target (similar)
Beret // Christmas gift from my mom, similar here

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All Love,

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