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The Very Best in Music in 2013 (And the Worst)

HUMP DAAAAYYYYYY! After I make it through today, all that's standing between me and our trip home is a potluck lunch, one afternoon program, and a gel manicure. I think I can manage.

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I know I talked about the Grammy's on Monday, but my favorite list of songs can be quite different than what's on the Grammy nomination list (but seriously Grammy people, when are you going to appoint me as Evil Overlord of Grammy Nominations? Get to it). I'm also going to add a few of the worst songs, because sometimes the music snob that lives inside of me needs to be heard.

Donna Meagle knows whats up.
Best Song about the Complex Nature of Relationships
"Thin Line," Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Didn't we all go bananas over M & RL this year? I know I did--everything on The Heist was our jam while we were honeymooning in Costa Rica. We're all familiar with the hit songs (I'm lookin at you, Thrift Shop), but this is another song from the album that I particularly love.
"she walks that thin line...each time I love her less."

Best Song that Makes me Tear Up and Get All Nostalgic
"Ribs," Lorde
Because if I have to hear "Royals" one more time I might throw up. However I still love Lorde, and this song absolutely captures the emotional, tumultuous years of my early 20s.
"I've never felt more alone, it feels so scary getting old."
Song of the Summer
"Pompeii," Bastille
You thought I was going to say "Blurred Lines" or "Get Lucky," amiright?!?! Ummm okay, let me rename this the "songs the masses are listening to of 2013!" I joke, and while I mildly enjoyed those songs, it wasn't what I had on repeat all summer. This song is everything you need in a summer jam--it's got an upbeat tune, it's catchy, and the name of the song alone reminds you of the very first time you rode "Escape from Pompeii" at Busch Gardens.
"we were caught up and lost in all of our vices"

Best Discovery
Anything Diane Birch, but if I had to choose, "Tell me Tomorrow"
I hate to use the term "new artist," because what does that even mean? Usually, when you see the Grammy nominations for "new artist," what it really means is "person working their rear off for ten years just so you can hear their song get covered on Glee." So, I prefer to say "discovery," and say things like "oh, I saw that band like, three years ago in my neighbor's garage with five other people. They're on the Grammy's now? I guess that's cool."
"bullet in my chest just for lovin' someone."

Best Song that Makes me Want to Teach Spin Class
"Harlem," New Politics
This was basically a spring/summer jam that every time, without fail, made me dance in my car.
"shake it like a bad girl up in Harlem."

Music Video that Makes me Sob Uncontrollably
"All I Want," Kodaline
If this doesn't make you cry, you must be cold and heartless. Or, maybe just not overly emotional like I am. If part 1 doesn't get you, part 2 will.

"when you said your last goodbye, I died a little bit inside."

Best Song by an All Female Band
"The Wire," Haim
Just you wait. Haim is about to hit it big, and when they do you can bet I'm going to gloat big time.
"always keep your heart locked tight."

Best Song from the Person Who is a Total Mess, but She's Like the Messed Up Cousin You Love Anyway
"Work B*tch," Britney Spears
Raise your hand if, every time Britney says "gov-uh-nuh," you immediately think of Walking Dead. 

"you want a hot body, you want a maserati."

I know this is getting long, and this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my favorite songs. Now, I will wrap it up with the very worst song of 2013:

Florida Georgia Line, "Cruise." 

Friends, there is A LOT of terrible music out there in the world, but if I had one wish, it would be that this song would never see the light of day, ever again. 

That's it for me, friends! What's on your best and worst list? Don't you worry, I've got the Best of 2013 playlist for you below, plus a few extras I threw in as a bonus.

All Love,

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