Friday, December 20, 2013

What Have We Learned? V.2

Friday, Friday, Friday. I thought you would never come! But, here you are, and I can breathe a big sigh of relief to know that the holidays have finally arrived. Come tomorrow, Matt and I will be on our way to SWVA, and I am just over the moon about it! (You probably haven't noticed, not like I've been talking about it all week.)

Remember that time I did my very first "What Have We Learned" post? Well, this week has been long, and throwing life lessons at me left and right, so let's get to it!

- I've realized that "holiday stress" is a thing, and it has affected me more so than I have realized. That's usually how it goes, though--I internalize and ignore stress until it reaches the point where I'm almost crying and having an anxiety attack because people are falling over themselves to defend that Duck Dynasty guy. We've had a lot going on these past few weeks, both at work and home, and I think that the real issue here is that I am constantly aware that this will be the first Christmas without Grandma. I haven't been dealing with that like I need to, and so it's kind of been spilling over into everything else. I am happy that I get to see my family for Christmas, because it will be easier to handle these emotions when we're together.

- Speaking of that Duck Dynasty guy, I've learned this week that some people are still confused on what it means to "violate the first amendment." The protection of free speech extends to people saying what they want to say (for the most part), without being thrown in jail or stoned to death (I'm paraphrasing here, people). It does not, however, extend to you using your public platform to throw around insults to several different groups of people and cultures, and then expect to not suffer any consequences. (Side note--I actually had a whole post planned on this, but I was getting way too worked up and emotional over it, and I almost got in a Facebook fight and was told that I would be "judged before God" for my beliefs, so I'm going to put that one aside for another day.)

- On a lighter note, I went to RPM tonight at the gym (RPM is just another version of spin class, but BETTER). In the beginning things were great. I thought, "this is AWESOME I am SO happy to be here and be back in this class, I'm going to get in SUCH good shape and I will feel and look soooo good!" Cut to about 30 minutes later, and I'm all, "WHYYYY are we only halfway through?!?!" Finally, at the end:

- Despite the above CLASSIC Chris Traeger gif, I've learned that I can survive an entire RPM class (even though I'm a little bit out of shape when it comes to cardio), and I'm stronger than I think I am. (p.s. did reading the word "stronger" also make you think of the classic Britney hit, circa 2001? Because I did.)

- I've learned that M&Ms sadly make my stomach feel weird, but did that stop me from binge eating them for an additional two days after I learned that fact? No. No, it did not.

- I've learned I can no longer tolerate lunch meat/deli meat. What happened?!? This is puzzling to me. I mean, I've been eating soft tacos from Taco Bell on the regular for over ten years now and haven't tired of it yet. I've been making turkey, ham or, on occasion, bologna sandwiches for many years as well, but for some reason a switch was flipped and I can't even think about it without getting nauseous (also, not pregnant--let me clear that up before someone asks). This is going to make packing lunches extremely difficult. Guess the Taco Bell drive-thru lady and I will rekindle our friendship.

- Thanks to Nicole, I've learned that cats don't want to be petted, they want MASSAGES! I've been doing it wrong for years!

Lastly, friends, I realized that this stress and anxiety needs to get out of town so I can relax and enjoy my favorite time of the year. Therefore, today will be my last post until probably the end of next week (with the exception of my guest post next week at Freckled Italian!). I want to take some time to really let go of things and spend quality time with my family. Don't worry, you can still follow along on Twitter or Instagram, and I will be back before ya know it!

All Love,

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