Friday, January 31, 2014

The Super Match

Good Morrow, friends! I bet you didn't expect to see me again until Monday! Lucky for you, my conference was cancelled this week, so that means I get to bring you a lovely post to bring you into the weekend, AND I'm linking up with Karly and Sarah for Fan Friday: Super Bowl Edition! (Or, as I like to say, the "Super Match.")

Venus Trapped in Mars

Now before we go any further, let me explain why I refer to almost every sporting event as a "match." Remember in Zoolander, when he has his identity crisis and tries to fit in with Pops and his brothers? Poor little buddy attempts to have male bonding time with his dad at the bar, but ruins it by saying "who won the match?" in reference to a football game. 

via Giphy
One time, my friend Elyse made reference to it, and ever since that moment I have always referred to sporting events as "matches," whether that is relevant or not. Matt finds it EXTREMELY adorable, so of course that only encourages my behavior. 

Anyway, in honor of this very special Fan Friday, let me tell you a little bit about myself and my history with football. 

1. I got into football as a student at Virginia Tech. When you attend a game in Lane Stadium, it's hard not to get excited about the game. You see, football in college involved serious tailgating (free food! free drink!) and then getting thrown up in the air after touchdowns. What's not to love?

 photo c88fb6e8-eeeb-4240-b39a-6a4070829cbf_zps1f7325aa.jpg

 photo 80055c9a-917d-4596-9a71-97c356adea81_zps3b77269a.jpg

2. In college, I also picked up a little bit of knowledge on football terminology. I FINALLY understood why first downs were so important, what "holding" meant, and the responsibilities of the different positions on the field.

3. Although I've always been a Hokie for life, I'm still not quite sure where my loyalties lie in the NFL. I've had a hard time becoming a fan of the Redskins, Matt's team (for obvious reasons), and my family has never really had an NFL team they've rooted for. Lately, it's come down to two contenders: the Ravens and the Vikings. The Ravens because 1. Tyrod Taylor, 2. Edgar Allan Poe, and 3. I look REALLY good in purple. I've considered the Vikings as my team because again, I look so awesome in purple, AND the Vikings are my ancestors. It's a tough choice, and the Seahawks have been creeping in there as well. I'm kind of obsessed with Seattle and desperately want to visit, and not to mention, the colors blue and green really bring out my eyes and that Russell Wilson is a real cutie.

4. As you can see, choosing the right team really comes down to the right fashion choice.

5. I like going to football games because it means I can eat the WORST foods and no one will judge me.

 photo 304c3b99-96a3-4a0d-9c26-e62c72d4bdc9_zps0f8aa7a3.jpg
Nom Nom Nom!
6. I am not a fan of the Patriots, and I have a very valid reason--my 9th grade earth science teacher was a huge fan, because his cousin was playing for them (which he so often liked to remind us). He also happened to be an insufferable asshole, and my perception of the Patriots has been poisoned ever since. Not even the super power combination of Tom Brady and Giselle could sway my opinion.

7. As a child, I would get really excited for the Super Bowl because every year, without fail, I was convinced we would be the ones to win the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes (and I would plan my outfit in hopes of this months ahead of the big game).

There you have it! This is my relationship with football, and it can all be boiled down to two things: food and fashion. What's your football history? Will you be watching the match this weekend? You better believe I will be...Matt's dad is making RIBS!!! NOM NOM NOM.

Have the loveliest of weekends,

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fashionably Late: A Speakeasy Affair

Remember last week, when I posted my book review on The Diviners? This week, I thought I would continue with the Roaring Twenties trend and share with you an outfit I wore to a speakeasy-themed party. Be warned: I may go overboard on the '20s slang, so don't take me too seriously.

In December, I surprised Matt with tickets to a Speakeasy party at a local winery, Stone Tower. The event was held to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition, AND it was to celebrate a release of Stone Tower's first sparkling wine.

Matt and I had already dressed up as a flapper and a gangster for our Halloween party, so of course our costumes were on the trolley.

Isn't this dress just the bee's knees?

 photo e956c18b-9a48-45ea-9a6e-88a9d9edc4e8_zps2d1bf989.jpg 

And how!

 photo 0220b883-0db0-4a28-a01f-d55e342d0315_zpsb30e4ef8.jpg 

We sure had a swell time.

 photo df6a5a1a-7aa5-4b67-a083-f0326d0997f2_zps39d416ff.jpg

If I had a time machine, I would definitely go to a party in the 1920s--I think it would be the cat's particulars!

My outfit details are below; if you're interested, Matt's ensemble came from Indochino--it was actually his wedding suit. I would highly recommend Indochino to anyone, for any special occasion; you send in your measurements and you get a tailor-made suit in return.

dress // Forever 21; tights // Hue; shoes // Nina at Zappos; necklace // Premier Jewelry (similar); cloche hat // random boutique at the Borgata (similar)

All Love,

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesdays are the Worst

Tuesdays. They're just like those miserable psalms...sooooo depressing. (Name that movie.) I know I've had to have said this before, but you know how it is--you feel SO accomplished for surviving Monday, then you wake up and immediately think "IT'S ONLY TUESDAY."

I was going to write a whole list comparing how our Grammy picks (here and here) matched up against the actual winners, but that started to take a WHOLE LOT OF TIME that I did not have last night.
Let's just say Daft Punk won way too many awards, Macklemore didn't win enough, and for the one category Matt and I placed a wager, we both came out as losers (thanks a lot, Bruno Mars). We also missed some moments at the beginning (because we got home late) and at the end (because we have a strict 10pm bedtime), so I didn't get to see Macklemore's pretty face AT ALL. So troubling.

 photo c058b5ab-5ff9-4760-be16-29a34dfd5d6f_zps54d3d0e7.jpg
Well, hello.
Image via
However, despite my rantings and ravings above, I was overall please as punch for most of the Grammy winners. I'm happy M&RL came home with a few awards, and Lorde was honored as well, and I loved watching her performance of Royals, even though she had some weird hand moves going on I wasn't too sure about.

 photo 8c006e5b-7051-4033-bd83-d49af7f930ed_zps8517171c.jpg
Make all the weird hand moves you want to, Lorde, I still think you're the bee's knees.
Image via
So there's your Grammy recap, friends. I suppose I should have mentioned something about Pharrell's hat, but there's nothing to be said that hasn't already been said one million bajillion times.

Anyway, it's still January and I'm still moody. Therefore, I'll be taking a little break at the end of this week. Don't fret! I've still got a post coming tomorrow and I will be back before you know it! I have to go up in the mountains for work this week (no, seriously), and I couldn't get myself together in time to get my posts written up for Thursday and Friday, so I'm going to stop stressing about and I'm just going to let it be.

When I come back, I will be a new person...because it will be February, a month that is infinitely better than January.

 photo 6ad39586-110f-409d-a704-4c5d25440a8c_zpsf7d06d73.jpg
Go away, snow! You're no longer welcome here!
All Love,
Glossy Blonde

Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekends During Adulthood

Hey there, dear readers! I'm so terribly sad that I don't have another three day weekend (and since I'm not a teacher, I don't have the prospect of a snow day, either), but I suspect I'll manage to survive, some way, somehow. This is going to be a long week, and unless I take vacation days, my next holiday won't arrive until the end of May, for Memorial Day. That means it's time to buckle down and lean into it.

Anyway, as I was working on blog posts for this week (I'll be out of town at a conference for three days, so I'm trying to be organized and plan ahead), I thought about how weekends are vastly different now that I'm an adult. I'm not even just talking about how they're different from when we were kids--I mean that there's a huge, noticeable difference from my early 20s and now.

Back in the day, a weekend meant a break from work. It meant it was time to let loose, hang out with friends, and maybe make some poor life decisions. I would sleep in, take three hour naps, maybe do some shopping, then I'd carb load and rally in time for evening festivities.

Let me share how I spend my weekends these days:

- "Sleeping in" to us means getting up around 9am. This is absolutely Millie's fault, but seeing this sweet face in the morning is totally worth it.

 photo b1730c5f-93e5-46c3-8efc-e8ffeea550fa_zpse29ef045.jpg

- Laundry is officially designated as a weekend activity, because it takes about half a day. Sure, I could do it during the work week, but I'm already so exhausted by the time I get home, I barely have the energy to make dinner. I can only imagine that laundry will become my second, full time job once we have kids.

via Giphy
- Going out for drinks at a bar? Um, cocktails are expensive these days, and when you "go out for drinks," people are expecting you to stay out and be functional past 11pm! No thanks. A glass of cab sauv, a movie, and bedtime at 10pm sounds like a fun night to me!

- Weekends are still a time for meeting up with friends--but it's the only time. In college, I could easily text five different people (no, wait, I would call them, because those were the days when my dad wouldn't pay for text messaging), and we'd all meet up within twenty minutes for food and drink. Nowadays, my friends and I are too exhausted to meet up after work (especially because traffic here adds an extra two hours to any activity), and if we want to get together, we usually have to pick a weekend a month in advance.

- Taxes, car maintenance, grocery shopping, going to the bank--all the things I avoided doing with my parents because it was so boring, are now the things that occupy my time on the weekends. However, there's a perk to this--for example, the other day as I waited for my car to get inspected, I walked over to the bar next door and had a drink and an appetizer. Sometimes, being an adult has its advantages.

- Naps have become a real luxury these days, so if we happen to find a block of time available for a weekend nap, we snatch that opportunity as quickly as possible.

via Giphy
- Work, work, work. Matt and I both have jobs that don't stop on 5pm on Friday, and there are many times throughout the year when one or both of us have to work all weekend.

via Giphy
At this point, I'm not even sure where I'm going with this. I tried pushing through a food coma to get things done this afternoon, and I just spent two hours working on taxes, and now I'm really tired. I think I'm starting to realize that being "settled" and not running around town at all hours of the night on weekends is very appealing to me. When I was younger, I was fearful of being old and boring and settled, but now I realize it's just another phase in life, and I'm at the point where I find it totally awesome to hang out on the couch on a Saturday night.

via Giphy
What about you, dear reader? Are you still in your party phase, or are you more eager to stay settled in for the night?

Sorry for such a rambling post. Tomorrow, I'll let you all know how Matt and I did on our Grammy picks!

All Love,

Friday, January 24, 2014

What Have We Learned?

The weekend is upon us! It is not as sweet as a three day weekend, but I will take what I can get. I have some really exciting plans to get my car inspected this weekend, then I'll probably do some laundry. Jealous?

This has been another insightful week, as usual, and I've realized I'm more than ready for January to be over and for spring to get here; ready to no longer have to wear double layers everyday, and trudge around in my boots, because this is Virginia, NOT Michigan. I'm also ready to share with you all, dear readers, the nuggets of wisdom I've learned this week.

- I've learned that my yogurt phase has come to an end. We had a good, one week run, Chobani, but I've once again realized I just can't stand that weird yogurt texture, so it's back to using you as a cooking ingredient only, until one year passes and I've forgotten why we broke up in the first place.

- Millie has learned that her doggie bed is still going to require quite a bit of punching and scratching until it is just right.

- I've learned that when you get knocked down, you just have to get back up again and keep on fighting. I realize this sounds like one of those horrible, vague Facebook status updates that end with the person saying "message me" to anyone who comments, but sometimes you just can't show all your cards. I will say that I've been on an emotional roller coaster this past week, and that roller coaster was most unkind. It was akin to Fabio's ride on Apollo Chariots back in 1999, when a goose smashed him in the face and he broke his nose. One day, I'll tell you my secrets, but for now you'll have to be content with the image of Fabio's face colliding with a goose.

- This week, I've realized that my one year old niece, Nora, really has no interest in talking to me unless Millie is in the picture.

- I've learned that every year, without fail, January manages to feel like a never-ending month.

- I've learned that I really need to make a mental map of where all the mud pits are located around the neighborhood. This way, when it snows, I can make sure Millie doesn't go frolicking through it and track frozen mud into the house.

 photo 8a786a14-f355-495a-b52d-7b9aaf987006_zpsd3fd1afd.jpg

- At first, I thought there was no cure for the Baby Fever, but then my co-workers started discussing the births of their children, and I learned that yes, birth stories really do work just fine to shut that biological clock up.

- I've learned that I really am just like the other moms, especially when the other puppy mothers and I get together for a playdate at the playground.

 photo 362b67bb-eb97-4066-b3e8-0673218f62fd_zps31eaa474.jpg
Millie! Don't let Mac get too close to the edge!

Have you had enough Millie pictures yet? No, of course not. What inspiring things have you learned this week? Maybe, you're like me, and all you've honestly learned is that you want to eat all of the butter and carbs you can find.

Stay warm, stay safe, and have a glorious weekend.

linking up with Leslie!

All Love,

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Book Review: The Diviners

Reading is, without a doubt, one of my absolute favorite hobbies of all time. It made me feel special--when I was little, other kids thought reading was boring and stupid, and so I felt like reading was my own special thing, that didn't belong to anyone else.

 photo 35ee95ed-9cab-47d6-aff9-13dd38c27a1b_zps30e6a867.jpg

My love for reading has never wavered, although I've mentioned before that, at times, I put it on the back burner because I need to be an adult and do adult things. However, thanks to the magic of the Kindle, I have now seemed to find more time to read these days, and it really makes me happy. Life has been awfully stressful and chaotic this month, and even if it's just for half an hour, reading makes all that go away.

As I was sitting here at the computer, trying to come up with a blog post, I thought "hey Katie, you should do your own special book review!" And I thought, "self, you are so smart, it's no wonder you graduated at the top of your class in college!" So, here we here, with the first ever edition of a Thoroughly Modern Book Review! (I promise to create a cool button, when I have a cool picture to go with it).

Book: The Diviners, By Libba Bray

 photo cccdcfe2-bbd4-4e0d-9ee1-62e755280e8b_zpsb348bfbd.jpg
Kate's Synopsis: After a party trick gone wrong (we've all been there, amiright?!?!), Evie O'Neill is banished from her small town of Zenith, Ohio, and sent to live with her Uncle Will in New York City. As a thoroughly modern girl, this is no real punishment for Evie, and she is soon caught up in the glitz and glamour of NYC in the Roaring Twenties. Evie's Uncle is too busy running his Museum of the Occult and Supernatural (also referred to as "Museum of the Creepy Crawlies," to offer any sort of structure or discipline, so Evie essentially roams free around NYC with her pals Mabel and Theta, hoping that the secret that sent her away from Zenith is never revealed (spoiler alert: she's a diviner and can read objects!). But, it's all swell and jake until someone gets murdered and you get dragged into the investigation because you accidentally divined the victim's last moments in life by holding onto a dead girl's shoe buckle. Hilarity ensues (just kidding, death and destruction ensues), as Evie, her uncle, and his assistant Jericho go on the hunt for a supernatural killer that is dead-set (pun intended!) on bringing about the Apocalypse.

Kate's Opinion: Ryan recommended this book, and since I already love Libba Bray (the Gemma Doyle Trilogy is one of my favorites), I knew I had to get that bad boy downloaded on my kindle. It's got everything I could want in a book--mystery, supernatural happenings, romance, and my favorite historical decade, the 1920s. At times, I had trouble taking it seriously because of all the 1920s slang (because Matt and I say those things to be funny, all the time), and there were plenty of moments when I could see what was happening before it even happened.The book really amps up the foreshadowing about the Apocalypse, which is all a little unnecessary, but I fall head over heels for nonsense like that, so it wasn't so terrible. I love the way events of the 1920s (some historical, some a bit made-up) weave their way into the backdrop of the story, and I think it's going to be interesting, as the trilogy unfolds, to see how the land of the United States itself, and the country's history, is tied into the story as well. Overall, it was a quick, suspenseful read, and I've already got the next book on pre-order.

Final Rating: 4/5 Stars

Read it if you like: the occult, the supernatural, a heroine as a protagonist, mysteries, thoroughly modern adventures, having a "let's avert the Apocalypse while the world sleeps on" sort of conversation, and giggling over 1920s slang.

Has anyone read this, or other Libba Bray books? What are you currently reading and what would you recommend?

All Love,

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Liars Update

Now that we are three weeks into January, and our beloved group of lying teenage girls has returned, you've probably been wondering "why hasn't Katie been blogging about PLL?!?!" Well fret no longer, dear readers, because I'm back with a PLL update!

If you haven't caught up on any of the newest episodes, don't worry, I don't think this contains any spoilers, but if you posi-tute-ly don't want to know what is happening, then stop reading now.

Let's begin.

My dear husband summed it up perfectly tonight when, at the end of another episode, he said "well this show is going nowhere, AGAIN." As a general rule of thumb, that is what you can expect time and time again from PLL: a whole lot of needless drama and suspense that leads to night, and then a million crazy things happen in the very last episode.

In addition to the above-mentioned nonsense, here are a few other stray observations from this season:

- Ezra is not A. This is not a spoiler, this is just my opinion and educated guess. Too many times this show has tried to trick me into believing this person or that person was A, only for that person to disappear and/or die at the end of the season, No more, PLL! I refuse to get sucked into this whole "Ezra is A" nonsense--he is nothing other than your standard creepy, post-college dude that is into minors.

- Remember that time Jenna was found half-dead in the lake? Well, lucky her, she wasn't all the way dead, and the only reason we know this is because she almost runs someone over outside of school. Wait, what??! Wasn't she just clinging too life last season? Wasn't she losing her sight (again)? WHY is she permitted to drive a vehicle, and WHY did she just jump back in with no explanation of what happened? TYPICAL.

- Here's a spoiler you probably knew was coming: Caleb and Hannah called it quits, paving the way for him to return to Ravenswood, die, and reunite with the dead girl he made out with when he was still with Hannah.

- Oh yeah, Ali is alive, but we're still not clear on how she is alive when the body they dug up by the gazebo was identified as Ali. The only explanation we are given is a group of dopplegangers from another town, and the whole storyline made no sense, and of course has not been discussed again since the first episode of the season. Are you confused yet?

- Toby and Spencer have a fight over his mother's wrongful death at Boo Radley (because I know I'm not the only one who calls it that, in her head), and I think they may have broke up (but I could be wrong, because I kind of zone out when Toby enters the room, he is SO BORING). We can only assume this happened so that the show can set up Toby as A again, then prove that he's not A, and the producers of PLL cackle in delight as they continue their twisted mind games.

Well friends, that's about all I have, and Person of Interest is about to come one so that means I need to wrap this post up. Hang in there--it's Humpday, and we're almost there to another weekend.

All Love,

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Loudoun Love: Magnolias at the Mill

It's already Tuesday! You see, that's the other beauty of a three day weekend--when you do go back to work, you're already lookin' at a short week!

Judging by these last few weeks at work, however, it will probably be another brutal week, even if it is a short one. By the time the weekend arrives, I will be good and ready to eat my feelings, and if I play my cards right, I just might be able to convince my dear husband to take me to Magnolias (but if you want to sound hip and in the know, call it "Maggie's").

Remember my very first Loudoun post, about the Market Station Trifecta? Maggie's is owned by the same group, which means you get fresh-baked ciabatta bread delivered to your table for every meal (it's the bee's knees!).

 photo 200a36f0-36fe-486b-a853-286b500ba55f_zps3efaf5ce.jpg 

Maggie's is located in Purcellville, toward the western end of the county. Purcellville marks the begninning (or end) of the W&O trail and has all the atmosphere of a quaint, small town right but still close to the city. The town's Main Street is loaded with the best little shops and antique stores, which is just another good reason for Matt to take me there this weekend. The restaurant itself is in an old mill that's been renovated, which obviously adds to its charm (not to mention, the patio is dog friendly--I see many date's with the doodle in our future!).

Maggie's is probably our favorite restaurant in Loudoun at the moment. Where do I even begin? Like Tuskie's, they have a great selection of craft beers and wine, and their cocktails are deee-lightful.

Anytime we eat here, we almost always order calamari--it is the BEST we've ever had this far away from the ocean. If you are able to go to Maggie's, you've got to order this. You could probably fill up on just the bread and calamari alone.

 photo 1f0dcae6-ffbc-4046-b813-3a9a71db75d6_zpsb9bb88a9.jpg 

What else is good to eat at Maggie's? Well, I'll tell you--EVERYTHING. I have never ordered something I didn't like. And, just like many of our other favorites in Loudoun, this restaurant takes advantage of using the best local ingredients they can find.

The last time we went to Maggie's, Matt ordered Cuban nachos. He saw the word "plantains," and he was sold. I went with a bowl of tomato & smoked Gouda soup, with a dollop of pesto creme fraiche on top. Yes, both dishes were every bit as wonderful as they look.

 photo 70dcad26-7b75-4b12-95b9-90e157415272_zpsf7a520c6.jpg

 photo b5246d2d-4598-4769-830e-ccfa15973ec0_zps6a8b1500.jpg 

Are you now dying to go to Maggie's just as much as I am? Let me know, and it's a date!

Glossy Blonde
All Love,

Monday, January 20, 2014

Just Another Music Monday, V.12

Happy Monday, friends! It is a happy Monday indeed, when you don't have to go to work. I haven't yet decided how I will spend today, but it will most likely involve a trip to the gym and the Kate Spade outlet--60% off clearance items? Yes please!

It's been a while since I've introduced you to some new music on here, and since it's a new year, I thought it was about time. (Don't forget, "new" is such a relative term--so let's just refer to it as "discovered music.")

 photo 07c5cd54-f586-4cff-bcbc-f9edb84aaaa2_zpsdbdce054.jpg

- Birds of Tokyo
Where would you guess this band is from? You might say Japan, but you'd be wrong--it's Perth, Australia. This band has been making music for ten years, but it was new to me when I heard their song "lanterns" on The Spectrum a few weeks ago, and I've been in love ever since.

- Birdy
Apparently, I'm on an avian kick. Birdy, Birdy, Birdy. Her voice just sounds effortlessly beautiful, I could crank it up and wallow in angst all day long. I would love to see more originals and less covers from Birdy, but even her cover work ain't too shabby. 

- Wild Cub
"Thunder Clatter" makes me feel young--but not in the same way that Ke$ha makes me feel young, if that makes sense. It also really makes me want to take a cross-country road trip with Matt and the doodle (I'm tellin' ya, music makes me have a lot of feelings).

- Lord Huron
This is definitely one of my (somewhat) new favorites. I've been listening since sometime last year, but I've listened more and more to his Lonesome Dreams album because it really seems to help me write. 

- Cherub
"Doses and Mimosas" is basically my new favorite song. It's not something I would normally like, and the lyrics are a tad bit inappropriate, but I just can't help to sing along. 

- Fitz and the Tantrums
Not really a discovery at all, I've been listening for years, but one of their recent songs, "The Walker," is just SO fun, it will lift your spirits and get you started on dance party, wherever you may be. 

- Barenaked Ladies
Also, not new AT ALL. But, they've also got some new tunes that have come out in the past six months, and "Odds Are" is just as catchy and fun as "One week," but a helluva lot easier to sing.

These are the songs that have been making the rounds on my playlist lately! I love finding new music, if you have something worth sharing, let me know--whether they're new, old, or obscure, share in the comments the best music that speaks to your soul. 

All Love,

Friday, January 17, 2014

What Have We Learned? Blogging Edition.

Today is Friday, January 17th, and I'm not sure we will EVER make it out of January. I think this evil month knew there was a three day weekend coming up, so it dumped all it could on me for the past two weeks, just to make that last holiday between now and Memorial Day seem so far away. I'm relieved that the end is almost in sight...and by "end" I mean I get one extra day this weekend to potentially do nothing and continue to stare at holiday decorations that still won't take themselves down.

Anyway, I've been feeling a lot of emotions this past week (what else is new?), and that has left me exhausted, so I'm ready for some relaxation, sleeping, reading, and maybe a little bit of time to work on my novel (oh, and don't forget eating, but isn't that always implied?).In the meantime, I'm going to share with you one single thing I've learned  this week:

I know NOTHING about blogging.

That's right. I said it. What, did you think I was an expert? Well, I'm sorry, but you've been bamboozled (can we just all start using this word more often?). Now that I've shared with you the one thing I've learned, let me enlighten you on all the things I have not learned during my two years of blogging. 

I get the concept of SEO, but I don't understand what I'm supposed to do with it. It has something to with pictures and keywords, that much I've gathered, but other than that, I'm totally clueless.

- Blogging Networks
You know, like Blogher. Basically, I'm just bitter because I got my first rejection from Blogher yesterday, and I don't take rejection kindly. 

I really want to be a part of something so I can get some more exposure and meet new bloggers, but I just don't even know where to start. 

- Reposting on Instagram
There was some contest recently that involved reposting a picture on instagram. I could not figure out how to do it myself, so I turned to my trusty friend, The Google. I then discovered that I could either take a screenshot or download an additional app, all of which seemed like a lot of work to me. 

- Photoshop
Show of hands--how many of you all actually use Photoshop? If so, how long did it take you to get all the nuts and bolts figured out? I would very much like to use Photoshop, but I do believe it costs quite a bit of money, then it's going to cause quite a bit of time to learn how to use the darn thing. Looks like I'll be sticking to PicMonkey for now.

- Accepting Sponsors
I've realized that sponsoring others is really the best way to grow your blog and connect with lots of other awesome ladies (and awesome gentleman..I'm lookin' at you, Florken). However, I do not understand when I should start accepting sponsors. When I've reach a million bajillion followers? When Blogher has finally deemed my blog worthy of being shared? When I have some coming-of-age adventure in a place like The Forbidden Forest, where I fight a giant or something? I just don't know.

I think that will do it for now! Are you like me and feel like you're totally in the dark about how to run a blog? My motto in life has been similar to this quote by Tina Fey, "say yes and you'll figure it out afterwards," and as you can see, I'm still trying to figure it out. 

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All Love,

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Adventures in the Snow

Winter makes me absolutely miserable. Lack of sunlight, cold weather, and additional stresses at work all combine to make the perfect storm of misery, thus earning its reputation as the WORST time of year. Despite my rantings and ravings, I love a good snowfall. I love staring at the falling snow, and I love the peaceful stillness that every snowfall seems to bring.

 photo caa02094-e1cc-41d1-81c9-75a7936f167b_zpsceb9caf1.jpg

During our most recent snow, Millie and I took several long walks in the woods behind our house, and around our neighborhood.

 photo 526597d1-9734-4803-8e51-e76f9e27d103_zpse2c372c6.jpg 

 photo 3ff6371c-f4a8-44e3-abb6-da700ace5668_zps2941ae4b.jpg 

This doodle loves the snow more than anyone I have ever met, and I certainly enjoyed getting out of the house and getting some exercise.

 photo 4f582915-0666-46b9-85cb-8ff736f88fa3_zps88b795f3.jpg
This face. 
 photo 40584c7d-d154-4c91-9ffe-71fb8b2bdf2a_zps59a340bf.jpg

I'm trying to be better about taking pictures, and eventually I want to get a fancypants camera and maybe take a few photography classes. For now, you all will just have to make do with amateur hour.

 photo d88cb6a1-f91b-4a51-b7f3-4a14d6c7823e_zpsad72e826.jpg 

 photo 8713ef8b-3a4e-4de9-9b42-a1d889613a38_zps179806ca.jpg 

What about you, dear readers? Do you love snowfalls or detest them immensely? (Obviously, I love them, with the exception of one year when I had to work during a blizzard, which is a story for another time.)

All love,

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fashionably Late: Black, Brown & Chambray All Over

At this point, you all are probably a bit exhausted of me mentioning that lovely, Chambray shirt I bought last week at J.Crew EVEN THOUGH I was on a spending freeze. Well, I'm sorry, but I can't help but talk about the things I love, and this shirt is definitely one of them. You should all go buy one and we can wear them together as a coordinated effort on National Chambray Day (which should be a holiday, if it already is not).

 photo f0d6933c-8315-4952-a6cc-f38f0b323c23_zps230eb489.jpg 

I got a little help from Pinterest Told Me To on styling this outfit, but that is exactly what Shaeffer is for--to help us throw together outfits we never would have put together on our own. As usual, I was pleased with myself for looking somewhat put-together. I wore the Chambray with an extra long tank from target, my Hue leggings, and my Tory Burch boots I got for Christmas.
 photo e444aa27-3c06-4e8f-86cf-4bc45710d482_zps20eba03a.jpg 

 photo 91d53d48-00bf-4a4b-959b-789b09015157_zpsea3782f3.jpg 

I'm still trying to perfect my Carey Mulligan look. Not quite there yet.
 photo a3a35f3d-5a4e-4512-bf78-c48fcfe58592_zps4d081bd9.jpg 

CLASSIC fashion blogger pose!
 photo a3f1a90b-88d1-402d-95e2-2ef7f358e643_zpsdfbb09b9.jpg 

This is the latest fad from Paris. They call it, "Swine Styling."
 photo 8421dc7e-6332-4224-a617-e30e801e45d7_zps56ac4b7f.jpg 

All photography credits go to MattyT777.

How much do you love Chambray? Let me know if we should start the petition on getting it to be a national holiday.

Chambray // J.Crew; Tank // Target; Leggings // Hue via Nordstrom; Boots // Tory Burch (similar); Necklace // Everyday Elegance; Earrings // Tiffany's (similar); Ring // David Yurman

All Love,


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Treat Yo Self Tuesday

Let me tell you a story.

This one time (two weeks ago), I put myself on a spending freeze. I said, "Katie, you were livin' high on the hog over Christmas break, it's time for you to slow down your spending."

My self-imposed spending exile has gone really well--as long as you don't count the two DVDs, two skirts, necklace, shirt, and pair of shoes I've bought during the exile (and I also decided that Christmas decorations on clearance don't count).

I'm not ready to give up! I will keep on picking myself back up and dusting myself off, no matter how many times I fail. However, I've still got that itch. I will keep on wanting to shop, even when I can't, but in the meantime I will do my best to just dream about the following things, and not throw away any money I've saved on my retail therapy freeze.
1 &2: Longchamp luggage--a girl can dream, right?

3: I've got the perfect spot in my dining room just waiting for a bar cart.

4: I have a perfume problem that just keeps on growing. It was a mistake testing out the new Tory Burch fragrance, because now my purse smells like it and it just makes me want it all the more.

5: I've been wanting a new wallet for a while, and this size is exactly what I've been looking for.

6: I can't tell you enough how much I love Hue leggings. A pair in denim would just make my collection complete!

7: Meet Charles Street, the newest handbag collection from Kate Spade. Yes, please.

8: I need a new pair of sunglasses like I need a hole in my head, but really, don't you just love the classic tortoiseshell look? And apparently, I'm all about Tory Burch this month.

9 & 10: Not only do I love the style of this handbag and wallet from Marc by Marc Jacobs, but it also comes in Hokie colors. I think these two last items are my destiny.

What do you have on your wishlist? Did you also force yourself into a spending freeze after the holidays?

Glossy Blonde
All love,

Monday, January 13, 2014

Music Monday (11) & Giveaway Winner

Hello there friends! From what I've been hearing in Blogland, January has been rough so far for many people. Hopefully, we all had a restful enough weekend (spoiler alert: I did not), so that we are ready to tackle the week! (Another spoiler alert: I'm not ready for the week, can I go back to bed please?)

Anyway, remember when Matt and I shared our picks for the Grammy's? Well, HAPPY MONDAY, because we are back to present part two of that list! Before I dive into the list, I wanted to announce that the winner of my bloggy birthday giveaway is Li Sa! Li (Li? Li Sa? Lisa?), please email me to confirm within 48 hours!

 photo 2093dc0f-4ff4-40af-bba0-13f1b328ce94_zps731ed66f.jpg

Today's picks might get a little tricky, because it's going to include rap and country, and I am not as knowledgeable as these categories. Mostly, I'm just going to pick my favorites and call it a day.

Best Rap Song
Thrift Shop--Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Matt and I both say Thrift Shop, because apparently we just default to picking M&RL when we don't know who else to choose (but this Grammy could easily go to Jay Z as well).

Best Rap Album
The Heist--M&RL
See above. Also, I wouldn't dismiss Kanye West from this category, they might give it to him just so he doesn't cause a scene.

Best Country Solo Performance
Matt's Pick: Wagon Wheel--Darius Rucker
Kate's Pick: Mama's Broken Heart--Miranda Lambert
To be honest, I actually haven't even heard the other choices, and I don't think Hootie should get a Grammy for a cover.

Best Country Duo/Group Performance
Highway Don't Care--Tim McGraw, Tay Tay, Keith Urban
I really would like for the Civil Wars to take home one for "From this Valley," which is an awesome song, but I think we all know who the winner is here.

Best Country Song
Mama's Broken Heart--Miranda Lambert
Once again, I really can't say how this compares to the other nominations (except for Merry Go Round, which is another great song), but we're gonna go with Miranda because she's amazing.

Best Country Album
Matt's pick: Night Train--Jason Aldean
Kate's pick: Same Trailer, Different Park--Kacey Musgraves
I know Kacey Musgraves is kind of a newcomer, but I think she deserves to take home something.

Best World Music Album
Live: Singing for Peace Around the World--Ladysmith Black Mambazo
And if you remember the movie where this artist was mentioned, then you'll understand why I had to include this nomination.

Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media
Les Miserables
In the words of Miley Cyrus, "it's pretty cool!"

Best Song Written for Visual Media

OBVIOUSLY. I think Coldplay's Atlas (from Catching Fire) could also take home this award.

Best Music Video
Can't Hold Us--M&RL
I mean, have you seen this video? It is one beautiful piece of media that truly deserves to be described by the word EPIC.

That's it, friends! What are your picks for the 2014 Grammy Awards? Don't forget to tune in on January 26th! Grab a bottle of wine and join me, as you better believe that I will be live tweeting this shindig! Lastly, for your listening pleasure, I've included the full playlist of all of our Grammy picks below. Enjoy!

Friday, January 10, 2014

What Have We Learned?

It's Friday, and I can't even--this week has been impossibly long, and impossibly awful (did that make sense?). What is January's deal, anyway? It's like we just have such a great time in December, then January comes in and is some sort of no-nonsense librarian type who gets all mad because the youth were having fun, so she just comes in and smacks us all with a ruler and commands us to settle down.

I don't know.

Whatever evil January has tried to dump on me this week, it certainly has been educational. Here's just a sampling of what I've learned this week:

- I've learned that the amount of daylight is slowly growing, so there's that.

 photo 3c7ab27a-0a14-4378-8b1b-3e77d33faf3e_zps4d691980.jpg

- I've learned that my hormones think it's cool to make me break down and cry anywhere and everywhere. The kitchen at work, the gas station, in the carpool--my tears have been well-traveled this week. (Also, NOT PREGNANT. Just thought I would make that very clear, I just have a lot of feelings.)

- I've learned that the doo doo brown hits the fan right at the very moment you've got one million and one end-of-year reports due.

- Matt and I learned that our rule to not drink alcohol during the week was actually more of a guideline.

 photo b97f2042-38a8-4a04-b17d-ce25a5be6df7_zps7dac7671.jpg

- I've learned that my January spending freeze was also really more of a guideline, because I just couldn't say no when that chambray popover at J.Crew was finally back in stock after I dreamed about buying it the entire month of December.

 photo e515d52b-7ffa-4fc2-bf9f-314bf716fbe8_zpsd2a14198.jpg

- I've learned that there are a lot of college students out there who need a lesson in cover letters and resumes. Just in case you don't know, a cover letter is not the same as an essay. Big difference. College students also apparently need a lesson on using The Google--cover letter templates galore.

- I've learned that Christmas decorations won't take themselves down. It just won't happen.

 photo 3e3a5695-0460-4442-881a-dd58f6894349_zpsb904a802.jpg
Will someone do it for me? I'll pay you in cookies and white wine.
- I've learned that doing absolutely nothing over the holidays may have been a PLD. Yes, it was so relaxing, but now I'm really struggling to get it together. I seriously feel completely out of control with everything--work, housework, get the picture. So, please forgive me if I sound cranky and tired and I am not up to my usual blogging standards. I promise I'll get it together before January is over (let me tell you, it is going to take a whole lot of carbs to set things right).

That's all for this week friends! Matt and I are going to do something fun this weekend--don't know what yet, but it will absolutely involve food. Don't forget, there's still time to enter my blog's 2nd birthday giveaway, before it closes at midnight!

What have you learned about yourself this week?

linking up with Leslie today for Confession Friday!

All love,
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