Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Liars Update

Now that we are three weeks into January, and our beloved group of lying teenage girls has returned, you've probably been wondering "why hasn't Katie been blogging about PLL?!?!" Well fret no longer, dear readers, because I'm back with a PLL update!

If you haven't caught up on any of the newest episodes, don't worry, I don't think this contains any spoilers, but if you posi-tute-ly don't want to know what is happening, then stop reading now.

Let's begin.

My dear husband summed it up perfectly tonight when, at the end of another episode, he said "well this show is going nowhere, AGAIN." As a general rule of thumb, that is what you can expect time and time again from PLL: a whole lot of needless drama and suspense that leads to night, and then a million crazy things happen in the very last episode.

In addition to the above-mentioned nonsense, here are a few other stray observations from this season:

- Ezra is not A. This is not a spoiler, this is just my opinion and educated guess. Too many times this show has tried to trick me into believing this person or that person was A, only for that person to disappear and/or die at the end of the season, No more, PLL! I refuse to get sucked into this whole "Ezra is A" nonsense--he is nothing other than your standard creepy, post-college dude that is into minors.

- Remember that time Jenna was found half-dead in the lake? Well, lucky her, she wasn't all the way dead, and the only reason we know this is because she almost runs someone over outside of school. Wait, what??! Wasn't she just clinging too life last season? Wasn't she losing her sight (again)? WHY is she permitted to drive a vehicle, and WHY did she just jump back in with no explanation of what happened? TYPICAL.

- Here's a spoiler you probably knew was coming: Caleb and Hannah called it quits, paving the way for him to return to Ravenswood, die, and reunite with the dead girl he made out with when he was still with Hannah.

- Oh yeah, Ali is alive, but we're still not clear on how she is alive when the body they dug up by the gazebo was identified as Ali. The only explanation we are given is a group of dopplegangers from another town, and the whole storyline made no sense, and of course has not been discussed again since the first episode of the season. Are you confused yet?

- Toby and Spencer have a fight over his mother's wrongful death at Boo Radley (because I know I'm not the only one who calls it that, in her head), and I think they may have broke up (but I could be wrong, because I kind of zone out when Toby enters the room, he is SO BORING). We can only assume this happened so that the show can set up Toby as A again, then prove that he's not A, and the producers of PLL cackle in delight as they continue their twisted mind games.

Well friends, that's about all I have, and Person of Interest is about to come one so that means I need to wrap this post up. Hang in there--it's Humpday, and we're almost there to another weekend.

All Love,

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