Friday, January 3, 2014

Confession Friday: Holiday Recap Edition

Happy New Year, friends! Did you miss me? I admit, I stayed away longer than I intended. I had planned to do a little bit of posting once we returned to Loudoun, but then I ended up being too busy fighting the sinus infection I got for Christmas. I finally caved in and got some antibiotics, and it's taken me this long to get back to feeling (almost) 100%.

My return to blogging also coincides with the return of Confessional Friday! Leslie put it on hold when she had her sweet little girl in October, and now that it is a new year it's time to kick it off right! Personally, I felt it was time to confess all of my holiday shenanigans and overload you with pictures.

I confess:

- We were in a car accident while visiting SWVA, and immediately after I sat down in a chair and sobbed. It wasn't our fault, I wasn't even driving, and thank God--nobody was hurt, but I felt the need to be a drama queen anyway.

- I ate and drank my way through the holidays.

 photo 5b8e423b-a86c-4502-88cd-ac2670115295_zps3cacbf8f.jpg

- That I ran up my dear brother's bar tab and was a little bit of a mess one night, but HE was the one who kept pushing me to order the holiday drink specials. The night was a success, because it ended as all of those nights should: a stop at the Taco Bell drive-thru for 4th meal on the way home.

 photo 6967226f-b0c1-49b3-aeae-2af8c4693caa_zps2fea0147.jpg 

 photo faee3b36-12c5-4cf1-be6c-d5455d7b3f66_zpsf7babab7.jpg

- Millie had THE BEST time, hanging out with grandparents, meeting new people, and getting to run around in the country. She was not pleased with me when I abandoned her at Petsmart for her hair appointment, but she sure did look cute afterwards!

 photo dbce3b0d-1ade-4f9c-b863-e7bb5b28a589_zps7d0061a7.jpg

- That watching Man vs Food while hungry for Christmas dinner is not the best idea, but it made the final result that much more tasty, especially when washed down with approximately three glasses of Cab Sauv.

- Our time with family was extended a bit when my parents drove up to our house to deliver a chair that came from my Grandma's house. They got it re-upholstered for us, which was a very nice gift, and we got to spend a few more days eating delicious food together.

 photo 3025da0a-7271-4bff-9b2d-ee127e41e637_zpsb26c9c73.jpg

- My brother got us a kindle for Christmas and it has changed my life.

- We were able to spend a little bit of time walking around Abingdon, and although it was a bit chilly, it still reminded me of how much I miss that little town.

 photo c3fc9611-6338-49cd-adaa-87987bc26972_zpsa8d562ac.jpg 

- My dear husband spent $100 on champagne and we didn't even stay up long enough to drink it on NYE. No worries, it went nicely with our steak and calamari salad dinner the next day!

 photo ce3ceec3-f134-4185-bc0d-45c64b7461ad_zps8ace8eea.jpg 

- We did get to spend time with this party animal on NYE:

 photo 13c336cb-aa67-4609-b646-270c0ca9d3f3_zpsd984b321.jpg 

- Matt and I went to brunch on Wednesday, and although we were probably the least hungover and most rested couple there, we decided to prove our maturity by taking pictures and making duck faces.

 photo bac54b48-da5a-4b10-985b-291d85e4f136_zps9bbb85d3.jpg
 photo 21f3781a-888f-470f-994c-d5dabee1dde2_zpsdd09aa86.jpg 

- Lastly, I confess that today is my little blog's second birthday! Two years ago, I started this blog as a way to document our wedding plans. It was a tiny little thing--I rarely used photos, I had no understanding of the HTML mode, and I was totally baffled by the purpose of labels. This little blog has come so far since then, and I've changed my attitude on other blogs as well (apparently I revealed in my first post that I think blogging and blogs in general are silly--what!??!). To celebrate my blog's two year birthday, I'm giving all of you, dear readers, a chance to win gift cards for three of my favorite things: carbs, music, and retail therapy. The giveaway will close on January 10th, and I will announce the winner the following Monday, January 13th. The winner MUST contact me to verify and claim the gift cards within 48 hours, otherwise a new winner will be selected. Good luck, friends!

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