Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fashionably Late: Black, Brown & Chambray All Over

At this point, you all are probably a bit exhausted of me mentioning that lovely, Chambray shirt I bought last week at J.Crew EVEN THOUGH I was on a spending freeze. Well, I'm sorry, but I can't help but talk about the things I love, and this shirt is definitely one of them. You should all go buy one and we can wear them together as a coordinated effort on National Chambray Day (which should be a holiday, if it already is not).

 photo f0d6933c-8315-4952-a6cc-f38f0b323c23_zps230eb489.jpg 

I got a little help from Pinterest Told Me To on styling this outfit, but that is exactly what Shaeffer is for--to help us throw together outfits we never would have put together on our own. As usual, I was pleased with myself for looking somewhat put-together. I wore the Chambray with an extra long tank from target, my Hue leggings, and my Tory Burch boots I got for Christmas.
 photo e444aa27-3c06-4e8f-86cf-4bc45710d482_zps20eba03a.jpg 

 photo 91d53d48-00bf-4a4b-959b-789b09015157_zpsea3782f3.jpg 

I'm still trying to perfect my Carey Mulligan look. Not quite there yet.
 photo a3a35f3d-5a4e-4512-bf78-c48fcfe58592_zps4d081bd9.jpg 

CLASSIC fashion blogger pose!
 photo a3f1a90b-88d1-402d-95e2-2ef7f358e643_zpsdfbb09b9.jpg 

This is the latest fad from Paris. They call it, "Swine Styling."
 photo 8421dc7e-6332-4224-a617-e30e801e45d7_zps56ac4b7f.jpg 

All photography credits go to MattyT777.

How much do you love Chambray? Let me know if we should start the petition on getting it to be a national holiday.

Chambray // J.Crew; Tank // Target; Leggings // Hue via Nordstrom; Boots // Tory Burch (similar); Necklace // Everyday Elegance; Earrings // Tiffany's (similar); Ring // David Yurman

All Love,


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