Monday, January 6, 2014

Fashionably Late: NYE Casual

Hello, friends! As usual, here I am with another late-to-the-game fashion post. Why? Because the real, bonafide fashion bloggers did their posts about holiday outfits during the holidays, and here I am, almost a week later, bringing you my special NYE outfit. Better late than never, right?!?

I know lots of ladies like to get glammed up for NYE (me too, duh), but our celebrations were low key this year. We couldn't get friends to commit to anything, and we didn't want to travel because of the doodle. So, we spent some time at Matt's parent's house, hanging out with our sweet little niece and goddaughter.

 photo 66c4b6e4-5b6a-4fac-8c2f-b0c7180bcb6e_zps2a54430d.jpg 

I could have rolled up in sweats and that would have been fine, but I wanted to make a little bit of effort for the holiday, so I threw together leggings, boots, a sweater, and some of my new jewelry and called it a day.

 photo fd93e3ae-16ee-418a-81f5-a614a71c4437_zpsb67481a1.jpg

 photo 9e59f722-e96d-44da-8247-b0ff4c587e5c_zpsecacdc9e.jpg 

As usual, Matt served as my photographer and called out poses to me like "ok, now show me Carey Mulligan."

 photo 4d34ad14-2744-4e80-ae62-6973f8fb006d_zpsf5345008.jpg

"Show me sweet."

 photo 1adfc9cf-e1a3-4d85-ab8d-9c232107ec47_zpsfa522155.jpg 

He's a photographer with benefits.

 photo b4bb19be-658e-461f-98bc-5a78591d3e2d_zpse5d8f24a.jpg 

I also thought I would mention my Christmas Eve outfit. I didn't take a whole slew of photos for this outfit, because it was Christmas and I was busy with other things, but I absolutely LOVED this dress from Modcloth so I thought I would mention it.

 photo 9ef0e2d8-84ee-4a0a-9f24-15712259643f_zps8ecfaa4f.jpg 

I love both of these outfits because they can work for occasions other than the holidays. The NYE outfit can easily go anywhere, and the dress I wore for CE can be dressed down by adding a turtleneck under the dress, a cardigan, leggings, and boots.

Christmas Eve: Dress // Modcloth; Necklace // J.Crew; Cardigan // J.Crew (similar); Earrings // Kate Spade (similar)
NYE: Leggings // Hue; Tank // NY & Co. (similar); Sweater // J.Crew (similar); Boots // Tory Burch (similar); Necklace // Kate Spade; Earrings // Tiffany's (similar); Watch // Michael Kors

Have a lovely week, friends!

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