Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Loudoun Love: Magnolias at the Mill

It's already Tuesday! You see, that's the other beauty of a three day weekend--when you do go back to work, you're already lookin' at a short week!

Judging by these last few weeks at work, however, it will probably be another brutal week, even if it is a short one. By the time the weekend arrives, I will be good and ready to eat my feelings, and if I play my cards right, I just might be able to convince my dear husband to take me to Magnolias (but if you want to sound hip and in the know, call it "Maggie's").

Remember my very first Loudoun post, about the Market Station Trifecta? Maggie's is owned by the same group, which means you get fresh-baked ciabatta bread delivered to your table for every meal (it's the bee's knees!).

 photo 200a36f0-36fe-486b-a853-286b500ba55f_zps3efaf5ce.jpg 

Maggie's is located in Purcellville, toward the western end of the county. Purcellville marks the begninning (or end) of the W&O trail and has all the atmosphere of a quaint, small town right but still close to the city. The town's Main Street is loaded with the best little shops and antique stores, which is just another good reason for Matt to take me there this weekend. The restaurant itself is in an old mill that's been renovated, which obviously adds to its charm (not to mention, the patio is dog friendly--I see many date's with the doodle in our future!).

Maggie's is probably our favorite restaurant in Loudoun at the moment. Where do I even begin? Like Tuskie's, they have a great selection of craft beers and wine, and their cocktails are deee-lightful.

Anytime we eat here, we almost always order calamari--it is the BEST we've ever had this far away from the ocean. If you are able to go to Maggie's, you've got to order this. You could probably fill up on just the bread and calamari alone.

 photo 1f0dcae6-ffbc-4046-b813-3a9a71db75d6_zpsb9bb88a9.jpg 

What else is good to eat at Maggie's? Well, I'll tell you--EVERYTHING. I have never ordered something I didn't like. And, just like many of our other favorites in Loudoun, this restaurant takes advantage of using the best local ingredients they can find.

The last time we went to Maggie's, Matt ordered Cuban nachos. He saw the word "plantains," and he was sold. I went with a bowl of tomato & smoked Gouda soup, with a dollop of pesto creme fraiche on top. Yes, both dishes were every bit as wonderful as they look.

 photo 70dcad26-7b75-4b12-95b9-90e157415272_zpsf7a520c6.jpg

 photo b5246d2d-4598-4769-830e-ccfa15973ec0_zps6a8b1500.jpg 

Are you now dying to go to Maggie's just as much as I am? Let me know, and it's a date!

Glossy Blonde
All Love,

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