Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Resolutions I Will Never Make

It's that time of year again. The time when bloggers are ALL about recaps, resolutions, goals, and decking out their new agendas in the most organized, color coded method they can come up with. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about those things too, but for the most part, I don't do well with resolutions--I don't think I even bothered with them until last year.

For that very reason, the stylish and witty Karly Kim and I are teaming up to bring you the 2014 Resolutions We Will Never Make...because we just won't keep them.

Kate: Waking up on time
I don't care what the research says, hitting snooze approximately 15 more times after your alarm goes off is the only way to a good night's sleep.

Karly: Removing my nail polish properly instead of picking at it and or waiting for all of it to chip off on its own.

Kate: Stop eating fast food
The pull of Taco Bell is just too strong.

 photo baa52427-4c01-4d95-92b7-9c2f21edccf1_zps28649d87.jpg 

Karly: Eating green food that isn't a gummy bear.

Kate: Run a marathon
I can think of about one million other things I would rather do, and probably half of those involve stuffing my face.

Karly: Wearing the tinted glasses that the optometrist strongly advised I wear whenever I look at a computer screen (so, always).  Despite my 20/20 vision, my retinas are overly sensitive to light.

Kate: Give up alcohol
There will be times in my somewhat-distant future in which I must stop drinking for approximately nine months. There's no reason to put that evil on me anytime sooner, and how will I be able to treat myself if I can't even have a mimosa?

 photo 9f927822-921b-4fac-afaf-9cdcf8ede512_zpscfa9c504.jpg 

Karly: Stop thinking of leggings as dress pants just because they're black.

Kate: Keeping up with the laundry
The bigger the laundry is, the bigger my reward when I finally finish (like a pepperoni pizza, just for me).

Karly: Wake up when my alarm tells me to, instead of turning it off immediately.

Kate: Keep up with a food log
According to my trainer (and by trainer, I mean the guy I was assigned for my two free personal training sessions at the gym), I need to be diligent about my food log, otherwise I won't "see results." When it comes down to it, would I rather see results, or see the bag of M&Ms I'm about to eat? I think you know what I would choose.

Karly: Reply to text messages in a timely matter instead of reading it, thinking of a response and then telling myself, "remember to reply to that."

Kate: Only buy things that are on sale
I can be really good about scoring great deals on clothes, shoes, and accessories, or I can be really bad about spending too much money on something I probably did not need. There's just no happy medium.

Karly: Find a more secure location to store my life savings.

What are the resolutions you'll never make?

Glossy Blonde

All Love,

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