Friday, January 10, 2014

What Have We Learned?

It's Friday, and I can't even--this week has been impossibly long, and impossibly awful (did that make sense?). What is January's deal, anyway? It's like we just have such a great time in December, then January comes in and is some sort of no-nonsense librarian type who gets all mad because the youth were having fun, so she just comes in and smacks us all with a ruler and commands us to settle down.

I don't know.

Whatever evil January has tried to dump on me this week, it certainly has been educational. Here's just a sampling of what I've learned this week:

- I've learned that the amount of daylight is slowly growing, so there's that.

 photo 3c7ab27a-0a14-4378-8b1b-3e77d33faf3e_zps4d691980.jpg

- I've learned that my hormones think it's cool to make me break down and cry anywhere and everywhere. The kitchen at work, the gas station, in the carpool--my tears have been well-traveled this week. (Also, NOT PREGNANT. Just thought I would make that very clear, I just have a lot of feelings.)

- I've learned that the doo doo brown hits the fan right at the very moment you've got one million and one end-of-year reports due.

- Matt and I learned that our rule to not drink alcohol during the week was actually more of a guideline.

 photo b97f2042-38a8-4a04-b17d-ce25a5be6df7_zps7dac7671.jpg

- I've learned that my January spending freeze was also really more of a guideline, because I just couldn't say no when that chambray popover at J.Crew was finally back in stock after I dreamed about buying it the entire month of December.

 photo e515d52b-7ffa-4fc2-bf9f-314bf716fbe8_zpsd2a14198.jpg

- I've learned that there are a lot of college students out there who need a lesson in cover letters and resumes. Just in case you don't know, a cover letter is not the same as an essay. Big difference. College students also apparently need a lesson on using The Google--cover letter templates galore.

- I've learned that Christmas decorations won't take themselves down. It just won't happen.

 photo 3e3a5695-0460-4442-881a-dd58f6894349_zpsb904a802.jpg
Will someone do it for me? I'll pay you in cookies and white wine.
- I've learned that doing absolutely nothing over the holidays may have been a PLD. Yes, it was so relaxing, but now I'm really struggling to get it together. I seriously feel completely out of control with everything--work, housework, get the picture. So, please forgive me if I sound cranky and tired and I am not up to my usual blogging standards. I promise I'll get it together before January is over (let me tell you, it is going to take a whole lot of carbs to set things right).

That's all for this week friends! Matt and I are going to do something fun this weekend--don't know what yet, but it will absolutely involve food. Don't forget, there's still time to enter my blog's 2nd birthday giveaway, before it closes at midnight!

What have you learned about yourself this week?

linking up with Leslie today for Confession Friday!

All love,

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