Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fashionably Late: Date Night

Good Morrow, dear readers! I feel like I haven't treated you to a style post lately, and I'm so sorry to have deprived you all for so long. I don't know how you've been dressing and accessorizing without me, but I have faith that you all managed.

Lucky for you, Niki and Ginny put together this fun link-up, and it reminded me that it was about time I enrich your lives with my spot-on fashion advice.

This month's theme is date night essentials, and let me tell you, have I EVER got you covered on that! Hello, Power Couple over here, OF COURSE I am all about getting glammed up for date night. Here's how it works:

1. I like to do my makeup first...or last, depending on when I remember to do it. It's date night, so go for some dramatic eyeshadow, but remember to wipe it off a dozen times before you get it right. I recommend this eyeshadow if you're like me, and don't have a clue how you're supposed to shade and blend and contour and all that nonsense.

 photo 3807d031-09b8-43c3-b3dd-ffdcddb0b390_zpsea643b08.jpg
In the end, you can't even see the eyeshadow, but isn't that the point?
2. Get those nails painted! But do it at the last possible minute, before you're even dressed, to cause the most drama.

3. I like to plan out my outfit days in advance, then decide to do something entirely different ten minutes before we leave. This will involve throwing around lots of clothes on the floor of my closet, agonizing over every choice, and finally settling on an oldie but goody from ModCloth.

 photo 9db0124b-e2cb-49f0-bd1a-a8071a53f178_zps86ad664b.jpg

4. Date night calls for your fancy shoes and fancy accessories, but if you've suddenly become paralyzed by the thought of making fashion choices, then know that you can never go wrong with pearls and a pair of black pumps.

 photo fa387560-e125-4282-bad6-6ed7e1d804b6_zpsae653aa4.jpg
Not pearls, but you get the idea...right?
5. Put that chapstick away! This is date night, not some quick trip down the road to pick up your chipotle order! Go for your favorite lipstick, give a spritz of your nicest perfume, grab your clutch and you're good to go!

 photo 0a5458c9-31b0-481f-a10d-4261fb29481b_zps5a39e1c8.jpg

Don't forget to make your significant other take lots of pictures of you at the restaurant, so you can blog about it later. Pictures are crucial and are more important than eating. (Just kidding! Nothing is more important than carbs.)

 photo a8fc125c-adc3-4cc5-9a78-00b1a098ad17_zpsffbcab37.jpg
Okay, wait, he's more important than carbs.
What are your go-to date night essentials? Even if you're only going to your tried-and-true Mexican joint, sometimes it's fun to just get dressed up and enjoy a night on the town.

linking up this week with Niki, Ginny, and Nicole
All Love,

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