Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Power Couple Takes on Snowmaggedon

Hi there, friends! And welcome to all the new readers coming over from Life of Bon! It's another day in our Valentine's week special, and I've got a post planned for a cozy way to spend the day snowed in with your sweetheart! 

Confession: I actually wrote this as a guest post for Life of Bon. I don't know if that's taboo or not, but since I just had a twelve hour workday that consisted of driving a 15 passenger van for two hours with windows that frosted on the inside, I'm not sure I really have the brain capacity to think it over right now.

Anyway, friends, here in Virginia we're facing yet ANOTHER snowmageddon, and I just can't handle the thought. However, being snowed in with your significant other calls for a romantical time, and it gives us all an opportunity to practice at being a Power Couple.
 photo 6815e647-1f16-41c1-bbc2-52fd2fe186fc_zps69a7c6a8.jpg
What would a Power Couple do in a snowfall? Have a photo shoot, of course.
So, my dear friends, here are some tips on facing a snowstorm the Power Couple Way.

1. Stock up on essential beverages--milk, water, coke, orange juice, champagne, and don't you DARE forget the Godiva hot chocolate mix.

2. Stock up on other essentials: bacon, cheese, carbs, and chocolate.

3. Make sure your yoga pants and other sweats are cleaned and ready to be put to use, because you're not leaving the house for days.

 photo 0649973c-10bb-43c3-895a-ea608087fcd0_zpsa2a03d1c.jpg
Lookin' good, right?! Nobody cares on a snow day!
4. Find that list you made of all the things you want to get done around your house. Do one thing, cross it off the list, then spend the rest of the day watching Netflix. Go ahead--you earned it!

5. Forbid everyone else in the house from showering, washing dishes, etc. You are going to need all the hot water you can get for your bubble baths.

6. Browse Netflix for a really good, guilty pleasure tv show you can waste away your day watching. I recommend Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl, but maybe not Walking Dead. Save that for a time when you aren't in the middle of a potential snowpocalypse.

7. Have your go-to list of pizza delivery on hand, so you're prepared in case of an emergency.

8. Cross your ears, fingers, and toes and hope that the power doesn't go out, but if it does, head down to the state-of-the-art bunker you had installed in case of an emergency like this (duh, every power couple has at least one!).

Friends, if you follow my advice, we all might make it to see the greenery of spring bloom another day.

Meanwhile, I'll be dreaming of being in Costa Rica.
All Love,

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