Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Treat Yo Self Tuesday: Valentine's Edition

It's the second day of our Valentine's Week here at Thoroughly Modern, and it seemed like a good time to tackle the elephant in the room--this perception that Valentine's Day should be hated and feared by single ladies and gentleman.

Quite frankly, I think that is a load of BS. We all need to stop moping about and acting like we have to be miserable on Valentine's Day, and instead take advantage of another excuse to indulge in whatever guilty pleasures we want and...well, you know what to do:

 photo 5c51f531-2fb7-4ff4-b5ab-d5fbcc797c3a_zpscaf3f570.jpg 

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, I shared only one Valentine's with a boyfriend. The rest of my years were spent as a single lady on February 14th, until the year Matt and I were engaged. Did this mean that I felt sorry for myself every time V Day rolled around? Well, yes, sometimes, and I would have a good cry while my angsty-emotional iTunes list played on repeat. Once I got that out of the way, I would ignore all those stupid advertisements that made Valentine's Day about couples and decide to celebrate it my own, special way.

Here are just a few of the ways I recommend treating yourself for Valentine's Day:

1. Splurge on some nice bubble bath (my favorite), a bottle of red (or some decadent hot chocolate, if you don't do wine), and a really awesome book. Right now I'm reading Winter's Tale and it is the bomb dot com. The movie previews definitely don't do it justice.

2. Invite your roommate/neighbor/best friend over for a craft party. Don't forget the glitter!

 photo 180ea039-2233-4077-ab14-57665607afa9_zps2c8e37d5.jpg
Many a craft party was spent with this lovely lady.
3. Order delivery with a friend and have a movie night. I recommend the classic film Sleepover, starring Steve Carell in his breakout role as a rent-a-cop.

4. Treat yo self to a nice lunch (and by nice, I mean Chipotle), followed by a mani/pedi.

5. Have a night out with your very best friends, but don't feel badly if you end the night with a cute bartender named Jake.

 photo ebd34564-8b48-4468-8e32-7a049b373171_zps2fb8b319.jpg 

6. Order pizza and binge watch a guilty pleasure television show. I recommend Pretty Little Liars. 

7. Have a baking party, and invite nobody but yourself. Sometimes, chocolate chip cookies aren't meant to be shared.

 photo 310bb642-466c-430a-83cf-3de8532bdc2d_zpsbb2bcac4.jpg
These are all for me.

8. Buy something extravagant--whether that means a $50 or $500 purchase, just go for it.

9. You can't go wrong with a massage, and Donna and Tom would fully support you in that decision.

10. Take a road trip. Go visit a friend, or your parents, or maybe just that random person you knew in college who lives in a cool city. Make sure you pack lots of unhealthy snacks for the road!

 photo 1912766b-b5a4-4c99-921d-58fe20a04f70_zpsb5b0dbf5.jpg

Friends, I hope you are now armed with plenty of ideas for Valentine's Day, whether you are flying solo or celebrating with your partner in crime. Whatever you do, whether single or spoken for, make sure you take every opportunity to treat yo self this week. You deserve it.

All Love,

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