Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Week & A Giveaway

Hello all of my dearest friends! Today, I'm officially declaring it "Valentine's Week" here at Thoroughly Modern. Now, I know this is the holiday we all love to hate (too much commercialism, made up by Hallmark, love should be celebrated every day, BLAH BLAH BLAH), but deep down inside I've always enjoyed this holiday, whether I was single or not. I just cannot resist festively wrapped candy, nor a holiday that encourages me to eat all the festively wrapped candy.

This week's posts will be all about Valentine's--the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Today I'm going to tell you a story about my very first Valentine. No, I don't mean the kind you had in 1st grade, when your mom would buy you a box of Rugrats valentines to give to all the kids in your class. I'm talking about the first time I had a boyfriend for Valentine's Day.

The year was 2003 and I was a sophomore. I met Kyle* when we were both teen counselors at camp the previous summer, and we went on several dates during the fall--it was that time when you were kind of seeing each other, but not really dating, you know? Back in my day, we referred to that as "talking." (We were real clever). Luckily, dear Kyle asked me to be his girlfriend at my Christmas party that year, so no more "talking" for us!

At first, I was REAL excited to actually be dating someone during Valentine's Day. However, as the day drew closer, I realized I had no idea what kind of gift to get, and I was starting to realize I honestly didn't care what he got me. It was at this moment in my life that I realized boyfriends weren't all they were cracked up to be.

 photo cce416fe-a7f4-48c3-b733-87575f270206_zps67035814.jpg
The more boys I met, the more I loved my dog! Amiright, Carrie Underwood?!?

 The big day arrived, and all I had to give was a heart-shaped box of Ferrero Rocher. Kyle, however, came through and got me chocolates, flowers, and a book of Jack Handey quotes. Unfortunately, he did not get what my shallow, 15 year old heart really desired--a bouquet of flowers delivered to the school, so my name would be called over the intercom at the end of the day and I could make all the girls jealous. Despite that tiny pang of disappointment, I felt badly that all I bought for him were chocolates, so I told him I couldn't give him his gift because it was locked up in my brothers truck (which was the truth).

In the end, I put together a bag of chocolates and other sweets to give to him (including Little Debbie heart shaped cakes), but he never received it because I broke up with him shortly after Valentine's. (Not because he didn't send flowers to my school--it really was time to cut him loose.) The chocolates sat in my 4-H leader's office, and ended up being slowly consumed over the course of several 4-H meetings.
 photo 7b7c32d5-e566-4fdf-ae1c-841cbc59bbbc_zps61421bb4.jpg
Cool chocolates, Kyle. 
Later, one of our mutual friends mentioned to me that he was upset I never gave him a gift for Valentine's Day, which was fair. I'm sure that karma has paid me many times over for that one, as I never again had a boyfriend to shower me with gifts on Valentine's Day until nine years later when Matt and I were engaged.

Although I feel slightly guilty, I do believe it was for the best. After all, I walked away with an awesome book of Jack Handey quotes, and Kyle soon came to realize that he really wasn't into girls.
 photo jack-handey-quote-distinguished-quotes-about-liking-someone-33176_zpsadd657ee.jpg
If love is liking someone a lot, then we definitely were not in love.
To make up for being a terrible girlfriend, I'm taking part in a giveaway with Life of Bon--make sure you enter and maybe you'll get a little Valentine's gift for yourself!

*Name was obviously changed, except "Kyle" is what my brother called him when he couldn't remember his real name, so maybe I'm not being so secretive.

All Love, dear friends,

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