Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jewelry Fest 2014

Happy Sunday evening, friends! It's snowing here, unfortunately, so here's to hoping it's either enough to cancel work tomorrow, or not enough to be concerned for the morning drive.

Anyway, you know I've got something special in store if I'm posting over the weekend--and do I ever! Today I threw a big ol' jewelry party, and guess what--you're invited too!

A few weeks ago, my friend hosted a Lia Sophia jewelry, and I signed on to host one for myself. Why wouldn't I want to hang out with all my friends, drink champagne punch, eat oreo truffles, AND get free/discounted jewelry? Clearly, it was a big, fat, DUH.

You might recall last week, on Mix it Monday, when I wore this necklace:

That beautiful piece would be the Instaglam necklace and I love it. It's gorgeous and it really pulls an outfit together. The chain (rope? strand? what would we call it here) is actually navy, but it looks navy or black, depending on your outfit. Doesn't really matter though, because it still looks awesome.

I also got this gorgeous necklace, Valencia, for $15 as a hostess bonus item! I'm head over heels for this necklace--the colors are so vibrant and it makes me think of summer, which is exactly what I need right now.

I'm also obvi wearing my favorite J.Crew Chambray shirt of all time.
In addition to necklaces, I also ordered a few pairs of earrings. The Trunk Show earrings are awesome. I actually don't have many statement earrings, and I've been looking for a good pair for a while. These were the perfect touch of glamour without being overwhelming--I can wear them for work and whatnot, so I definitely get to use them more than just for special nights out on the town.

Don't worry, stud earrings, I haven't forgotten about you! That's why I picked out the Souffle earrings as well--simple enough to wear with just about anything, but not even remotely boring like the tacky stud earrings I used to buy at Claire's back in the day.

I apologize for the quality of the pictures--my usual photographer (Matt, obvi) is on a work trip to Vegas (and he's promised he won't go see Britney without me), so I had to make do with taking selfies and checking my aim in the mirror. The struggle is real.

Millie knows what I'm talking about.
One of the best parts about Lia Sophia jewelry is that it has a lifetime warranty--I absolutely wish some other jewelry I recently brought also had that warranty, but alas, it did not, so now I'm stuck with breaking out my pliers every time I want to wear a couple of my necklaces.

The next best part is that you can join in on Jewelry Fest 2014 as well! All you have to do is visit this link,, and enter my name (Katie Thomas) as hostess. The party ship sets sail on Thursday, March 20th, so make sure you get your orders in by that time (if you can even decide, because I can tell you THAT struggle is real).

Not to mention, there are several great deals going on right now, like:
  • When you spend $80, you get the Thea necklace or Bardot bracelet for just ten buckaroos!
  • If you buy two items, you can get another at 50% off--and choose up to three additional necklaces for 50% off! And bee tee dubs, the most expensive item is the one you get for half off--none of that "of equal or lesser value" nonsense. 
Friends, I hope you will join me on Jewelry Fest 2014! Next year, I'll figure out a way for everyone to get oreo truffles, even if you can't be here in person. 

All Love,

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