Thursday, March 13, 2014

Millie and Rover

All you puppy mothers out there probably already know that the most stressful part of planning for a trip is finding a trustworthy person to watch your dog. The first time Matt and I went on a vacation without the doodle, we boarded her at PetSmart and I really wasn't too pleased with the experience. There were just a LOT of other (bigger) dogs that were also there in doggy daycare, and there didn't seem to be much supervision when we dropped her off. Plus, I think she had to spend a lot of her time in a crate, which isn't ideal.
Look at this face! You can't keep this face locked up all day!
As we prepared for our next trip, I was worried about where we would leave her. Luckily, my SIL's coworker recommended someone from, and I was immediately smitten with this website. It's basically a site where you can find fellow dog lovers who are willing to give your fur child all the love and attention while you are away, for less than the cost of a kennel (most of the time, at least).

If you are in the Nova area, I would highly recommend our sitter, Michelle (just email me if you want more information). Millie totally had a blast, and I don't think she even missed us. As soon as we dropped her off, she made a beeline for the nearest tennis ball and didn't look at us again after that. Michelle sent us pictures and updates every day, which eased our worried minds and made us feel like Millie was in good hands. Not to mention they were extremely understanding and flexible when we realized we would be getting back two days later than planned.
She also made a new friend, obviously.
I should also tell you all that I haven't received any kind of compensation to write this post. I just REALLY liked our Rover experience, and I wanted to share with my fellow pet lovers, because I know how much anxiety I have when it comes to someone else taking care of Millie. We're so relieved that we've found an awesome, reliable sitter who can give Millie lots of love and TLC if we ever take another trip.

This is Millie's favorite thing--standing over someone's foot until she gets a belly rub.
What do you do when you have to travel? Does your pet go with you or do you find a sitter?

Karly Kim

Treasure Tromp

All Love,

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