Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Style Advice from the Style Dunce

Hello friends, have you been missing me terribly? At this point, I have (hopefully) survived Mardi Gras, so it won't be much longer (i.e., tomorrow) before you get to be graced again with my presence. For now, I've got a lovely little post from my twin blogger, Katie at The Style Dunce. She's here today to share with us some style advice I think we can all appreciate.

Hi all! Kate asked me to guest post for her while she goes on vacay (I assume that involves lots of drinks with little umbrellas and lying near water), so I thought I'd be service-y and share some tips on how to fake style.
I feel like this should go without saying, but this advice is obviously for people who don't own this:
It's cool. I don't have it either. Which is why I do these things:

1. Button your shirt to the neck. It's the lazy-man's way to look like you like cool music and enjoy conversations about modern art.

2. Wear high-waisted anything. Actively not caring what high-waisted jeans do to your ass just makes it cooler.

3. Always carry your purse in the crook of your arm and not somewhere pedestrian like your shoulder.

4. Wear Ray-Bans. I'm too cheap so I wear the Target version, but one day I'd like to be hella cool like Rihanna.What's my name, bitch?

I'm aware this photo is lacking Rihanna. (via)
5. Dress like a child. Infantalizing yourself never goes out of style.

Bonus tip: (this one is from Kate) Wear bracelets up to your elbow so your arm jangles every time you move like a cat that has to wear a bell around its neck so birds hear it coming (i.e. my cat).

I do all of these things on the regular minus the bows in my hair because I just can't bring myself to be that twee, and it works out pretty well for me (except for the occasional bouts of soul-crushing self-awareness when I realize I am nothing without fashion bloggers).

So, what's your favorite way to fake style? 

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