Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Treat Yo Self: New Orleans Edition

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope you are ready for a whole slew of posts about our trip to New Orleans (that's right, I said "slew), because that is what you are going to get! Today's post will be all about the food and drink of New Orleans--which is fitting, considering it is time to TREAT. YO. SELF.

Here is my one and only rule for visiting Nola: Don't go if you are on a diet, or you will be sad. Basically, a trip to Nola can be handled one of two ways: you can go there with the intention to live it up on Bourbon Street and survive on hand grenades, beignets, and $2 slices of pizza, OR you can go and eat all the things. We actually combined these two options, for the ultimate TREAT YO SELF travel experience.

Almost every meal we had was a great meal, so I'm going to try to narrow it down to my three (four) favorites: Palace Cafe, Jacque Imo's, Luke's, and Atchafalaya.

Palace cafe is hands down my favorite Nawlins restaurant. The atmosphere makes you feel so classy (there was live jazz music during brunch), and the food is absolutely incredible. We shared a fried oyster loaf for an appetizer--I actually ordered this same dish four years ago the last time I was there, and that's saying a lot considering how much I used to hate seafood. Of course, anything is good fried, but this was perfect.

Matt and I both ordered eggs benedict as our main dish. Before you get all bored on me, this was not your typical eggs benedict--it had pulled pork on it. In fact, it was the most delectable pulled pork I've ever tasted. I have tried several other eggs benedicts since that time, but none will ever compare.

We also ended up ordering pecan pie for dessert (my favorite), but it was almost impossible to enjoy it because I was so incredibly full. I should also note there was a build-your-own bloody and mimosa bar. Need I say more?

My other three favorites were Jacque Imo's, Luke's, and Atchafalaya (out of these three, I think Jacque Imo's is probably my favorite). Luke's is a John Besh restaurant (don't worry, I didn't know who he was either), and I had the most amazing croque madame I've ever tasted in my life--I literally ate every crumb.

We had brunch at Atchafalaya and I had a hamburger with fried egg and homemade bbq sauce, all thrown on a croissant. Ummm, a hamburger on a croissant?!? Pull my arm, why dontcha!

Jacque Imo's is a definite must--it's kind of out of the way and not in the touristy section, and you may have to wait a while, but it's worth it. Their bread service is a corn muffin topped with garlic butter, and they serve all of their salads with a fried oyster. Obviously, you need to go there.

Are you hungry now? I'm practically crying because I want that pulled pork benedict so badly. Stay tuned for next week, because I will have to dedicate a separate post entirely to drinks!

All Love,

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