Friday, March 14, 2014

What Have We Learned? Mardi Gras Edition.

Hello and Happy Friday, friends! I honestly am not sure how I survived this week--first full week back at work after New Orleans AND it was a rough week at work to boot. I didn't get home until after 9pm THREE nights in a row, and would you believe it--I didn't eat my feelings at all! That's called progress. It's also called "remembering all the calories you consumed while on vacation and not wanting to eat ever again."

I would eat it all again in a heartbeat.
Anyway, other than one more post about the wondrous beverages NOLA has to offer, this will be my last post about our trip. I know you are saddened over this news, as am I, but please--it's for the best.

After my first WHWL post about New Orleans, I fully expected our upcoming trip to Mardi Gras to be a huge learning experience, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Here are a few tidbits the Power Couple learned during Mardi Gras:

1. Tutus are always en vogue when it comes to Mardi Gras fashion.

2. You don't have to shame yourself to get cool stuff from the floats, but you do have to be under the age of eight.

3. Speaking of shame, you will become a totally different person once those parades start. You'll elbow children, hip check grandmas, and do whatever it takes to grab that cheap piece of plastic you probably could have bought yourself from oriental trading.

4. Dr. House has a heavy hand when it comes to tossing doubloons.

5. Bourbon street is a nightmare during Mardi Gras. It smells like one thousand frat parties gone horribly wrong, and I did not think I would make it out without getting a drink spilled on me. Or evangelized. Or maybe both.

6. Even though I am a grown woman, some of the parade masks frighten me out of my mind.

7. I've never seen litter like a New Orleans street after a Mardi Gras parade.

8.Justin Bieber is making a fresh start as a waiter in the Big Easy.

9. Statues are the perfect spot to hang up your excess beads.

10. Puppies and horses are the highlight of any parade.

Friends, that about wraps it up for our New Orleans trip! There may be a few more posts here and there about some of our experiences, but for now it's back to the same ol' humdrum from yours truly.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend--I'm hosting a jewelry party! It's going to be fun times and I'm going to share a way for you all to participate, if you so desire (but unfortunately, I can't ship all of you oreo truffles, which I will be serving on Sunday).

All Love,

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