Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Winter, I'm Over It

There I was, at 9:30pm last night, trying to decide what to blog about for today. Inspiration was proving to be exceedingly difficult, as Millie was being super cute playing with a tennis ball, and I was trying to watch Frozen at the same time.

Speaking of Frozen, I can't watch this movie without comparing it to this:

Anyway, after a quick scroll through Twitter, I saw that Helene and Taylor were doing a post dedicated to why we can't wait for summer, and BINGO! There was my inspiration.

Helene In Between

Let me tell you why I can't wait for summer, ESPECIALLY after dealing with another 8 inches of snow on Monday:

- Because I want to be able to walk Millie by just throwing on a pair of shoes, not taking two minutes to suit up in my cold weather gear.

- Because it's hard to keep my balance in the snow when Millie decides to go investigate a person/dog/tennis ball/flicker of movement.

- Because I can't afford to keep Lollia in business any longer, as I go through tube after tube of their magical hand lotion.

- Because the cold weather makes me want to eat and drink all the things, and I just can't afford to buy a whole new  wardrobe one (or two) sizes up.

- Because I think my skin might be having a weird reaction from overuse of my car's heated seats.

- Because my sturdy, practical snow boots aren't at all fashionable and aren't the most comfortable to wear every single day of the week.

- Because I really need my electricity bill to be lower.

- Because I'm not sure if the feeling of warm sunshine on my skin will every be anything more than a distant memory.
Please summer, come back to me!
- Because I think if I see one more snowfall I will have a nervous breakdown.

So maybe I am being a little bit dramatic here, but I really and truly miss summer. I miss the warm weather, the long days, the smell of fresh-cut grass, and that carefree feeling that never seems to go away, even when I'm working 80 hour weeks. Can we just make that happen right now, please?

What do you miss the most about summer?  Or are you totally crazy and winter is your favorite season?

All Love,

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