Thursday, April 10, 2014

30 Before 30

Hello, friends! I know we took a break with a fashion post yesterday, but now it's back to the birthday festivities!

It's time for me to come clean and confess my age--I'm about to hit the big 2-7. I know, I know, I'm still in my twenties and all, but this past week the reality of that age hit me. You all--I'm pushing 30 at this point! When I was 26, I still felt like a young 20 something, but now all of a sudden I'm only three years away from a new decade, and so close to my 10 year high school reunion that had always seemed like it was ages away.

In short, I'm feeling my age.

Since I'm a blogger, you KNOW I've got to put out a 30 by 30 list (OBVI!). Friends, hold on to your seats--this is the 30 by 30 list to end ALL LISTS! I hope you all will be by my side every step of the way. You know I'll be blogging about every single thing that get's crossed off this list. Let's go!

1. Eat at every Taco Bell in the state of Virginia
I've almost got all the ones on the I-81 corridor off the list.

Charlottesville TB: Check.
2. See Britney
No explanation needed.

3. Finish my Masters degree

4. Visit all of the wineries in Loudoun County
Okay, so there are 42 wineries, I've been to five, that means I need to go to how many per year until I'm 30? Somebody, come over here and help the psych major with her math.

What would a 30 by 30 list be without wine?
5. Go to Harry Potter World
But only if it means I will meet Harry Potter and Dobby isn't dead.

6. Have a baby
JUST KIDDING. Maybe? Maybe not? I don't know?

7. Get Millie certified as a therapy dog.
She loves everybody! She would be so good at this! She just needs to be just a little less crazy.
It's going to take at least another two years to get her calmed down enough for that.
8. Finish that Facebook de-friending I started three years ago.
I can only work on it when I've had a few glasses of wine. Otherwise, it is WAY too boring!

9. Go to at least one more football game in Lane Stadium
 No more excuses! It's been too long since I've been surrounded by thousands of Hokies.

It's also about time for me to be a Hokie model.
10. Finally finish watching Lost
So don't tell me what happens, even though I'm 99% sure I already know.

11. Go ice skating
Except it better not be real cold, and I better not fall on my face. Falling on my butt is okay, I've got plenty of padding there.

12. Participate in a 5K
This seems to end up on almost every list I ever make, and it never comes to fruition. Maybe I can make it happen in three years.

13. Write a novel
Write the whole novel, half of it, three chapters--just SOMETHING.

14. Finish  Project Gryffindor
Once again, can someone please do the math for me?

15. Reread the entire Wheel of Time series
That's 14 books, around 900 pages each...maybe I should just make "hire a mathematician" one of my goals.

Well, this is embarrassing--I couldn't actually come up with 30 things in one post! Can you blame me? I've set some pretty lofty goals here--I've got a lot of Taco Bells and wineries to hit up in the next three years.

Lucky for you, this is a birthday TWO week celebration, not a birthday one week, so part two of the 30 before 30 will be arriving next week!

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