Monday, April 14, 2014

Birthday Scavenger Hunt: Part One

Hello friends! It's back to the Real World today, after an amazing birthday weekend. Don't worry about me though--remember, this is a TWO week celebration, so there's plenty more where that came from!

This past weekend, Matt outdid himself for birthday celebrations. He created a little scavenger hunt (which he'd been planning for months), and took me to several fun spots around Loudoun. As he promised, it was a "fun filled day of activities." For easy reading, I've divided this into two posts--let's get started!

Before we went to bed Saturday night, Matt had a clue waiting for me on the pillow. It said:

"To my wife on her birthday of 27 years: Your day will begin with hugs and cheers! Downstairs we go to toast a great day, and find our next clue, away we go play! Saddle up Doodle, let's all take a walk, briskly the pace, no time to talk! The hint you are seeking, the very next clue, you may need to Google the last name 'Giroux'!"

I was immediately blown away by the fact that he was able to write out a rhyming clue--I don't think I'm capable of that! My next thought was "better Google that Giroux dude!" I knew he had to be some sort of athlete, and of course I was right--he's a French Canadian hockey player. My initial reaction to that was "are we going ice skating? That seems like a lot of work." Then Matt gently suggested I think about his first name, Claude, and the light bulb went off--we were going to take a walk over to Claude Moore park. It's across the street from our neighborhood, and would be a good place to walk the Strudel Doodle. 

Anyway, Millie helped me sniff out the next clue, and we returned to the house for mimosas ("toast a great day") and to get ready.

The second clue of the day read:

"Our very next step, only minutes away, jump in the shower, continue the day. Audi gassed up, all ready to go, destination unknown, yet dying to know. Think Mickey, Minnie, and Winnie the Pooh, blue eyes and beautiful, both me and you!"

OBVIOUSLY we were going to see our niece, Charlotte--she LOVES Mickey and Minnie, and she's a beautiful, blue eyed baby. 

Of course, Matt made me second guess myself many times, but I was right the first time. Charlotte was sleeping, but she still had a clue for me, which said:

"Charlotte loves Kay Kay, her auntie, the most, isn't she the cutest? I just have to boast! Lookout for veggies, cheetos and fruits, the way she eats is too darn cute! When Charlotte gets hungry, avocados and grapes...Have fun with Matt on the very next date!"

Did you guess correctly? We were on our way to a winery! My first guess was actually a farmers market, which actually wasn't totally wrong--we stopped at the cutest little farm shop on the way to the winery for a snack. I had the most delicious egg sandwich EVER. 

Next, we drove up to Hillsborough Vineyards (and that's one winery less on the 30 before 30 list), and the view was absolutely stunning. We were the first ones there (not too many trying to taste wine at 11am on a Sunday), so we got to pick the best seats in the house for sipping our wine. 

There was obviously another clue waiting for me at the vineyard (which I assume Matt handed over to the employee while I was in the bathroom). This clue said:

"Cab Sauv, Merlot, Pinot Noir, seven drinks in, do you know where you are? A winery silly, a friendly reminder, it's time for Matty to be a tad bit kinder! Next gift for you requires some fashion, to Nordstrom we go, you're looking quite dashing!"

Matt admitted that rhyming "fashion" with "dashing" was a bit of a stretch, but I loved my clue anyway. Also, HELLO retail therapy! He knows me so well. 

Friends, I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave you hanging! I know you're dying to know how the rest of #scavhunt14 turned out--if you follow on Insta and Twitter, you probably already know. If not, never fear! Part two will be up and running on Wednesday. 

All Love,

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