Thursday, April 17, 2014

Birthday Scavenger Hunt: Part Two

It's Thursday, and Thursday always feels like such a relief--it's so close to Friday, you feel like you just might make it after all.

Thank you to everyone who left thoughtful, positive comments on yesterday's post, and for all those who sent love and prayers my way. April 16th is a difficult day every year, and it always leaves me feeling exhausted and drained.

On a positive note, yesterday also marked three years since Matt and I went on our first date. I feel lucky that I found him at just the right time, and lucky that I have him by my side every year, when days like yesterday leave me feeling completely wrecked.

Not to mention, he completely made my birthday with the scavenger hunt he created! If you missed the first part, you can catch up here.

As you know, the last clue led us to the mall for some retail therapy. Navigating the mall was a bit touch and go at first, and I almost didn't find a dress! (Can ya believe it?) When it comes to shopping, I can actually be REALLY picky--especially when someone says "let me buy you whatever you want." It's only when I'm not supposed to be spending money that I end up going crazy.

Luckily, I stumbled across the perfect maxi dress at Lord and Taylor--it was navy blue and a lace cutout in the book. The best part is that the length was perfect, no hemming needed!

My next clue magically appeared in my shopping bag, and it read:

"Now that we're outfitted a dinner awaits, just where we are going, you'll just have to wait! Alright, Alright, you'd like a clue, try this on for size it's foreign to you! However, I've heard that they specialize in meat, The King of Crash hit 60, how Colossus a feat!"

This one took me a minute, because all I could think was we must be going to a baseball themed restaurant, which was weird. Then I remembered, "Ruth. Baby Ruth," and ding ding ding! We had dinner reservations at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Matt and I had never been, but we had always talked about going. 

After the shopping trip, we went home to relax and hang out with Millie--it had been an exhausting day, and being around so many people in the mall made me want to take a nap. Matt had one more clue for me, and we both couldn't wait until after dinner, so I went ahead and opened it up:

"Wow what a steak! R.C. is a beast! Nothing better than wifey, and this gigantic feast! Now to the good part, a surprise deluxe, after you read this close your eyes and duck! J/K Kidding, you'll need your eyes open, created for your, your heart be golden! Happy Birthday Love! --Matty"

I opened up my gift and it was the most awesome, personal thing anyone has ever got for me--two hand painted cards of the First Couple of Sports Cards!

In case you didn't know, Matt works in sports cards, all explained in this post. He had asked the guy who does artwork for one of the companies to make these back in December. The background is actually from the resort we stayed at for our honeymoon in Costa Rica, and the words read, "all the roads led to us," because that is basically the inscription on Matt's wedding band ("all the roads led to you"). I may or may not have teared up a little. 

After a few hours of rest, we freshened up and headed out for some serious steak. Dinner was delightful, but definitely a place to be reserved for a special occasion. The memory card on my camera had malfunctioned, so all we have are a collection of iPhone photos. I hope it will do. 

We returned home around 9:30pm and promptly got ready for bed (I am pushing 30, remember?). It was a packed day and we both got up around 7am (Millie didn't want me to miss a moment of my birthday!), so bedtime was calling our name. 

Looks like we are almost to the end of Birthday (two) week(s)! I'm a little sad for it to be over, but also excited to get to it and start being a 27 year old!

Treasure Tromp

All Love,

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