Monday, April 7, 2014

Just Another Music Monday, V.17

Hello friends! Miss me? I can't say I blame you. I'm sorry for dropping off the face of blogworld momentarily--last week was awfully chaotic as I was preparing for our first, overnight Science Camp for the kiddos. You know the weekend is a success when someone shows their appreciation by decorating your car.

By the time I got home Sunday evening, I was exhausted. I took today off work (obviously), and later today I have a mani/pedi scheduled. This morning I plan to spend quality time with the doodle, and make plans for my upcoming Birthday (two) Week(s)!

That's right, you heard me, TWO WEEKS of celebrating the day of my birth! Sometime back in college, I decided that birthday celebrations should not be limited to one day. After a particularly rough winter, I've declared that my celebrations will last not one, but TWO weeks!

I'm kicking it off today with, obviously, the mani/pedi, and celebrations will be concluded during Easter weekend, when my brother and his girlfriend come to visit. For today's Music Monday, I've got a special, birthday playlist. No, this is not going to be cheesy, birthday related songs (so sorry if you were hoping to here "In Da Club" on today's playlist). These songs are all somehow related to my birthday.

My bff, Ashley, and I have a tradition of sending each other mix CDs for our birthdays (and for Valentine's, Christmas, graduation, etc). We're always trying to include new music that we know the other will love, as well as guilty pleasure pop music that we would never turn down (Miley's "See You Again" was on my Christmas mix in 2007).

In honor of my bff and my birthday, I bring you the best songs of our birthday playlists over the years (and then some!).

Birthday Week 2014 by Kate T. on Grooveshark

All Love,

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