Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Goals

Hey there friends! It looks like Spring might actually be gracing us with her presence. Yesterday was a tropical 70 degrees and there was plenty of sunshine to be had. I sincerely wish I wasn't feeling so awful so I could have enjoyed it more (I know you planned that, Mother Nature, and you're still not invited to my birthday party).

Despite whatever thing I've come down with this time, I'm feeling so hopeful now that spring weather is here. I just want to go run around and do ALL the things (except not really, because even taking Millie on a two minute walk exhausts me). I'm still trying to rest up and get better, so instead of running around in the glorious sunshine, taking down one goal after another, I'll list it all here for you, dear readers. I'm going to set a June 1st deadline to get it all done, and then we'll focus on goals for Summer! (Or, I'll get tired of it and won't mention it again--who knows what could happen?)

1. Try two, new recipes.
At least one from the Harry Potter cookbook (obvi), and another from my Le Creuset cookbook.

Delightful Cauldron Cakes!
2. Hit up the gym AT LEAST 2 times a week
Warm weather is upon us, which means people are going to see a lot more of my arms and legs, so I should make them presentable.

3. Paint furniture.
Specifically, paint the desk, chest, and bookcase that are currently in the office.

4. Purchase and install at least one ceiling fan.
We've been in our house for almost one year--ONE YEAR--and some of these rooms really need some overhead lighting.

5. Stop eating so much pizza.
Just kidding! No really. Maybe? I get embarrassed now when I call Joe's because we order from them at least once a week, but on the other side, pizza is really good. I can't stop, won't stop.

6. Write one chapter of my book.
I have seriously failed at writing my novel. At first, I set goals of "write 10,000 words," and then "write 3,000 words." Now, let's just get one chapter done this season and I'll be pleased.

7. Enjoy the sunshine
I think we're all tired of complaining (and hearing each other complain) about the cold, miserable weather, so now that the temps are rising we need to shut up and enjoy it.

8. Learn more about becoming a Lia Sophia advisor
Is this a silly idea? No, really, I'm seriously considering it but also seriously scared. I keep thinking "you're no good at selling stuff!" then I remember how I sold enough fruit in marching band to pay my way to Canada, so maybe I'm not as bad as I think.

Also, hello discounted jewelry!
9. Clean out the garage
I know garage floors don't need to be the cleanest, but there's piles of the gritty stuff they spread around before snow/ice that's made it's way into our garage and it drives me nuts. Also, a fair amount of clutter has accumulated out there, and every now and then I trip over the shoes we leave piled by the door. So, yes, that room needs some organizing, stat.

10. Throw at least one social gathering.
Remember that margarita machine I bought for Matt's birthday? It barely got used. Now is the time to break it out and try some new marg recipes.

There it is, a nice, even list of ten goals for the new season! I'll check in at the beginning of next month and let you know how it's going, maybe even invite you over for a margarita or two. (Just kidding on that last I'm not, be my friend?)

What are your goals for this season of new life?

All Love,

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