Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Treat Yo Self Tuesday

Friends, I am ill. No, no, don't worry, I'll be okay. I'm going to make it on my own! Seriously though, I'm miserable--my head is all stuffed and I think I may have been run over in my sleep by a train or something. I've somehow managed to pull myself together long enough to put together a post, because that's how much I care.

Anyway, I thought it would be appropriate to write a TREAT YO SELF post in regards to being sick. After all, the best way to recover from a little sinus infection is a healthy dose of TLC--and you know I'm not talking about the pop trio from the 90s here (but playing "waterfalls" on repeat couldn't hurt). Here are a few of my favorite ways to treat myself when I'm sick. Scientifically speaking, it may not cure my illness, but isn't 90% of it all mental anyway?

1. Lunch at Panera
If I'm able to drag myself out of the house to make it to the doctor, then I can easily stop by Panera on the way home for tomato soup and grilled cheese. A girl's gotta eat to keep up her strength, right?

2. Netflix
If there was ever a time to binge watch every season of the Following, this would be it. Make sure you've got tissues, crackers, ginger ale, trash bag, WHATEVER you need right next to you so you don't have to ever leave the couch.

3. Read all the books
When I was sick over Christmas, I read the entire Divergent series in the span of a week. It makes me feel like less of a lazy bum if I'm lying on the couch reading, not lying on the couch watching TV.

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4. Bubble baths once a day or more as needed
And maybe you should do some online retail therapy so you can order more bubble bath, just in case.

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5. Speaking of retail therapy...
Think of all those times you get an email from your favorite online sample sale site, but you just don't have the time to browse while at work--well now you do! You're not doing anything but lying on the couch, might as well be productive and buy that console table that was only $199 on Joss and Main, right?

6. Nap Marathons
Some days, I really miss my college schedule when I finished up with my classes by noon and then it was time for a five hour power nap. I like to relive this days whenever I'm sick.
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7. Internet videos
I NEVER watch any of those viral videos people post to Facebook, because I just never have the time. Oh, sure, I know what you're talking about when you say "that a Capella version of drummer boy!" or "the parents sing the entire Frozen soundtrack," but I don't actually watch them. Being home, sick on the couch, is the perfect time to waste an entire day with pointless viral videos. Like this one.

8. Use it for all it's worth
When I'm sick, I'm out of it for a few days then I feel better. However, I make sure that everyone knows I'm still "recovering," so I can't do certain things, like do the laundry, go to the gym, spend the entire day at work--you know how it is.
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Hopefully, a day of rest and a good dose of NyQuil will be all it takes to get me back to normal. How do you treat yo self when you're feeling under the weather?

All Love,

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