Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Treat Yo Self Tuesday

Hello, Tuesday! Good to see you, you second day of my Birthday Week (two weeks), you! It has been difficult to write a post tonight, when I've got a sweet doodle being needy and episodes of Parks and Rec to catch up on, but somehow I've managed.

It's time to keep up our birthday week theme! Of course, it's also TREAT YO SELF Tuesday, so you probably have some idea of what I'm going to talk about--all the many ways I've treated myself in birthdays past.

2006: I'm going to start here with Freshman year--because that's when I really got into planning my birthday, and that's when I started posting pictures on Facebook, which makes it a perfect birthday to blog about. I wore a crown and was eternally captured with this face:

2007: Oh, what a memorable birthday! I had a lovely dinner with friends at T.G.I.Fridays (oddly enough, I was obsessed with friend green beans). Later that evening, I consumed two shots of rum and beat the living daylights out of a pinata. The evening was appropriately concluded with Taco Bell and a BSB dance party.

2008: The big 2-1! I did what anyone would do for their 21st birthday--I threw a Disney Princess themed party.

I dressed as Belle (obvi!), but since I was a poor college student, I settled for a yellow sundress and a crown, instead of a ballgown.

2009: This was cool--I threw a party, invited all my friends, bought a keg of Yuengling, and COULD NOT DRINK ANY OF IT because of medication I was taking for Crohn's. Womp womp. On the plus side, a group of guys did serenade me with "Love Story," so I guess that worked out.

It was also cool when this former friend of mine took me to dinner for my birthday and said she would buy me a drink--OH GEE THANKS, why don't you pay for my glass of water since I can't actually drink?!?! Cheapo friend didn't even offer to buy me dessert. NBD because I ended up throwing up later, what up Crohn's Disease!

I obviously have a lot of feelings about this birthday.

2010: I treated myself to a new haircut, new dress, and a night out with some of my best friends in DC. I also unwrapped some of my presents while sitting in a bathroom, which just seemed like the right thing to do.
Please note the HSM card. Some things never change. 
2011: This birthday was probably the best of them all. I was out celebrating (for the third time that week), and I met a cute guy at the bar who ended up marrying me.
Never suspected I would be meeting my husband that evening. Also, the caption on FB for this picture reads, "It's my birthday y'all, it's pretty cool and stuff like that!" CLASSIC.
2012: A quarter of a century! This kind of celebration calls for a big time TREAT YO SELF--obviously, a trip to Vegas with my fiance was in order.

2013: Last year's birthday was tough--it was right after I lost my grandma and I did not feel like celebrating. I kept things low key, but I did treat myself to lunch and dinner with some awesome friends.
And we obviously spent some quality time with this sweet girl.
2014: I've got a lot in store for this year's celebration. Mani/pedi, margaritas, a little bit of retail therapy, and some quality time with friends and family. Matt also has some secret thing planned that he has manged to keep under wraps for months, so stay tuned for updates!

How do you TREAT YO SELF for your birthday week?

All Love,

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