Thursday, May 29, 2014

DIY Wedding Sign

Friends, Thursday is here! That means we've almost made it to Friday! My body is keeping up with the trend of being totally exhausted this week. It's not so bad between the hours of 10pm-7am, but it gets a little tricky around 3pm when I'm at work, and all I want to do is lay my head on my desk and pass out.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all a DIY project I did for our wedding--can you believe we're coming up on 18 months of marriage?!? Because I certainly can't.

I actually shared this post a few months ago on my friend Emily's blog, Love, Pasta, and a Tool Belt. If you are looking for lots of great, affordable DIY and recipes, this is the blog for you. Every now and then I like to throw you all a recipe or project, but I definitely don't have the talent for it the way Emily does. While you're at it, you should also look at the recipe I shared on her blog earlier this week. It's the easiest thing in the world and I promise you will love me forever for it.

I suppose I should stop rambling and get on with it--I don't do DIY on here very often, so pay attention! I vaguely remember getting the idea from Pinterest when I saw something about spray painting over a mirror that has stickers on it. The pin itself ended up being one of those that lead nowhere, so I took the idea and made the rest up as I went along (welcome to my life).

First, assemble your materials! You will need:
  • Mirror
  • Spray Paint (don't forget to grab one bottle for the finish)
  • Painters Tape
  • Letter Stickers
  • Rub and Buff (optional)
  • Plastic or Newspaper
I used a mirror I already had, which was purchased for $10 at a flea market years ago. I recommend checking out Hobby Lobby for some great, affordable options. 

 photo 5ebd8918-b73f-4d2b-af2a-f27ae4019ece_zpsb5f803bf.jpg

I bought my other materials at Michael's. I went with a spray paint with a metallic finish, but you can go with whatever is your preference. The stickers are easy to find, they've got them just about anywhere scrapbooking supplies are sold, and the Rub 'n Buff is completely optional--I used it to spruce up the edges of of my mirror.

Now that you've got your supplies together, let's get started!

  1. Spread your work area with plastic or newspaper--you don't want to get spray paint everywhere!

  2. If necessary, take a clean, damp rag and give your mirror a wipe down. If you bought it brand new, this probably won't be needed. 

  3. OPTIONAL: Using a toothbrush or an old rag, take the Rub 'n Buff and rub around the frame of the mirror. This will add a bit of shimmer to the frame, especially if it's old or boring. 

  4. Once the Rub 'n Buff is dry, line the edges of the mirror with painters tape. This will help you prevent the spray paint going all over that pretty frame you just spruced up. 

  5. Take a minute to think about where you want to place the stickers. You can mark the area off with bits of paper (or, if possible, you can cut the stickers out before peeling them off, but some products aren't packaged that way). I like to just throw caution to the wind and line it up as I go. 

  6.  photo 715cfaea-8efe-429f-8c4b-7e10916f710c_zpsd5946284.jpg

  7. After you've placed your stickers on the mirror, get ready--it's time to spray paint! Give your spray paint bottle a good shake and get to it. I prefer to start at the top and make my way from top to bottom. Give it about fifteen minutes in between coats--how many coats you do is up to you. Once you've finished and the paint is dry, give it another coat or two with the gloss, to seal it in and protect the paint. 

  8.  photo 5992f826-2256-4a7e-975b-b7e93584cb1a_zpse1d12203.jpg

  9. Take a break! You earned it. Go have yourself a coke over ice and relax while watching an episode of Parks and Rec or Pretty Little Liars.

  10. Done? Okay, break is over. Get back to that mirror and carefully peel the letters off (I noticed that, on the edges of the letters, the paint kind of stuck to the stickers, so be careful you don't pull up too much of the paint). 

  11.  photo 01c761d6-cdb2-4979-aacd-9875639e4347_zpsf953b8e7.jpg

  12. Voila! You've got a beautiful, DIY sign you can use for a wedding, baby shower, Galentine's Day party, or whatever else you desire.
 photo c0fe2abe-fa42-48dd-bdb6-25e608f7d7ff_zps009a2a72.jpg
Thanks to SoHo Photography for our wedding photos!
This sign currently is on display in the family room of our house, and it always reminds us of that very special day when we said "I do."

 photo ad0b9435-fba8-497e-99a7-090780369c26_zpsf95e8d66.jpg

I hope this tutorial is helpful! Hopefully, as Matt and I start actually doing projects around the house, I will have more DIYness to share in the future. 

Treasure Tromp
All Love,

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