Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fashionably Late: Chambray and Shorts

Thursday! One day closer to the best 3 day weekend ever, because it marks the beginning of summer. I am so excited to get some much needed rest this weekend, and do absolutely nothing else.

After I got out of the hospital last week, I wasn't up to going out and about. However, we did go out to eat a few times, and we had to make several trips to the Target pharmacy. I pushed myself to go out of the house at least once a day, because it provided some relief and it was good for me to walk around.

Each time we went out, I made an effort to put an outfit together. I had just spent five days in a hospital, and I really did not feel pretty. I was pale, exhausted, and all gross and swollen from being pumped full of steroids and fluids. Getting dressed up and putting on a little bit of makeup made me feel better emotionally.

 photo 6d4b6beb-6eb1-498a-bda7-34ba1a4362f2_zps313f4858.jpg

 photo b4f10782-b0ec-4c72-ac71-4a24316088f4_zps60412721.jpg

About half of my closet probably comes from J. Crew Factory--I love all of their clothes and they have such great sales. I bought these shorts last summer and am so happy to break them out again. I love the bright, seafoam color, and it boosts my mood even though I'm not feeling well.

 photo 12865af6-9f3f-442f-9726-f6bf72eae204_zps42bf5325.jpg

We've established I have a problem with buying all the chambray shirts--I obviously could not resist buying this one with polka dots.

 photo 2b2db46b-def7-45f1-b42a-9c52fb842f34_zps3bf6bede.jpg

Millie tried to make an appearance in every picture. She likes to be fashionable too--she is the prettiest dog in the neighborhood, after all.

 photo 3368bedf-dedb-4b00-8055-43b77d277903_zps98291644.jpg

shirt // J. Crew Factory; shorts // J. Crew Factory; shoes // Sperry Top Sider; watch // Michael Kors; necklace // Lia Sophia; earrings // Lia Sophia; ring // Lia Sophia

Treasure Tromp

All Love,

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