Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fashionably Late: Kate Spade Skirt Part Two

Hello, friends! Tuesday was as brutal as I expected it to be. I spent an hour waiting to get labwork done in the morning, only to discover that I was supposed to be fasting. Coolness.

I'm still not feeling 100%--mainly I just get tired really easily. So, a day in the office was quite taxing, after spending three days of doing nothing much but lying around the house.

Don't be fooled though, I'm not a total bum--on Sunday, Matt and I went to church and then brunch. I pulled this gorgeous Kate Spade skirt out of my closet.

Recognize it? It's the skirt from one of my very first Fashionably Late posts almost a year ago! Yes, I've worn it several times since then, I just so happened to finally take pictures this time.

I wore it with a lovely top from Tulle and some stud earrings. Simple, yet effective.

Here's to hoping we all survive this week.

My Carey Mulligan face says I'm not so sure I will survive
top // Tulle (similar); skirt // Kate Spade; sandals // Tory Burch; watch // Michael Kors; earrings // Lia Sophia; bracelet // Lia Sophia; ring // David Yurman; headband // J.Crew 

All Love,

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