Monday, June 16, 2014

The Latest

Hello and Happy Monday! I am currently en route to Blacksburg for work. It's our statewide, premiere leadership event for teens. It's going to be a great event, but it's also going to be exhausting. I'll return Thursday, then I turn around and head out to our week long summer camp on Sunday. So, you probably won't see me around here for the next few weeks.

Anyway, sorry to leave you  hanging last week! It's probably not good blogger manners to tell you all I'm about to find out important news, and then radio silence the ENTIRE week.

Well, not complete radio silence. If you follow on Instragram, you probably saw my post about cupcakes, which also stated that I will be having surgery this summer. Womp womp! It was a tough day, followed by a tough week of work and grad school (because some things never stop, even when you are crashing emotionally).

I won't go into too much detail (in this post), but it's basically a Crohn's Disease issue, and there's really nothing else to do but operate. I meet with a surgeon in a few weeks, and at that point I'll know more. Surgery will probably be scheduled for sometime later this summer. The good news is that I'll be in Georgetown, so that means Matt can get me another dozen cupcakes once I'm allowed solid foods.
Thanks for sticking around, friends! I know I've been MIA, and I cannot even hope for consistent posting over the next few weeks or so, but I'll do my best to keep checking in, and attempt to provide you with entertaining content.

All Love,

Monday, June 9, 2014

Just Another Music Monday, V.20

Hello friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We spent Saturday in Winchester. The only person I will ever trust with my hair is located there, and I was overdue for a trim.

I've also decided I'm not cutting my hair short again until after we have our first born. This already aligns with my natural cycle of growing my hair out, then chopping it off. I like to keep it long(er) for about two years before I get angry with it and kick it out the door.

Sunday, Matt and I both had to work (boo!), but we finished off the day with a marathon of carb loading at Carabba's. The perfect ending to any weekend, in my opinion!

Today, we are on our way back to Georgetown to find out about the results of last week's MRI. Sometimes I think to myself, "it's not that bad, you don't need surgery," but then I also think "I don't know, my intestines and I have a stormy history together, and I wouldn't put it past them." Please send happy thoughts and prayers my way, dear readers!

With all that's been going on, I've been reminded of this time seven years ago when I was getting ready for my first surgery. It was quite an emotional time. I had been sick off and on my entire sophomore year of college. By the end of the year, I was running at least one fever a day,and I could barely walk faster than a mosey due to the pain in my side. April 16th also happened that year, which only further depressed my emotional state.

Still, there were many positives, and I look back on that time with gratitude. My parents were (and still are) amazing--they made countless trips up to and from Blacksburg to home so I could see my doctor and get the tests I needed. Before the surgery, my dad would get up early every morning to change the nutrients in my IV machine, and my normally-squeamish mother would do the same during the day. They also lived with me in a tiny hospital room for over two weeks that summer.

My dad also entertained me with photo shoots in the hospital room--classic Gary Eide!
I also had a great group of friends (and one older brother) at Tech that were there for me. They walked with me at my painstakingly slow pace, drove me to the ER, and took me to Taco Bell when I felt up to it.

That's why today's Music Monday playlist is a bit of a throwback--it's all the music that reminds me of that time in my life when my body was totally miserable, but I still felt incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so much love, and to have amazing doctors who take care of me.

2007 by Kate T. on Grooveshark

All Love,

Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Goals

Well dear friends, we have made it through one week of June, and it wasn't so bad! Other than a slight mishap where a school decided at the very last minute to cancel on a field trip we had already planned and set up for them, it really wasn't a bad week. I'm still feeling tired and still not sure what is going on with my health, and I may or may not have had a breakdown Wednesday evening. Overall though, life is good.

Now that summer is here (more or less), it seemed like an appropriate time to check in on my spring goals, and set some new ones for summer!

Let's review.

Spring Goals
1. Try two, new recipes
Done and done! We've done really well with cooking at home these past few months. New recipes have included these delightful sausage rolls, and these strawberry scones.

2. Hit up the gym at least twice a week
Well, I was doing really well at going for runs around three times a week until I got sick, so that's got to count for something, right?

3. Paint furniture

4. Purchase and install at least one ceiling fan
Did. Not. Happen.

5. Stop eating so much pizza

6. Write one chapter of my book
Sadly, I think I got maybe 500 words.

7. Enjoy the sunshine
This absolutely happened.

8. Learn more about becoming a Lia Sophia advisor
This totally happened! I'm officially an Advisor and you will hear more about that soon, I promise.

9. Clean out the garage
Ohhhh, I got this place so organized! Well, as organized as I could without actually spending any money on shelves and baskets and whatnot. I also swept it out and it's looking reeeeaalll good these days.

10. Throw at least one social gathering
We had a few people over for my starter show in May. We had a mimosa bar so you know it was a success.

Moving on...

Summer Goals
1. Do at least one project around the house
Summer is going to be cray cray--I travel a lot for work, then there's vacation, more work, and then summer is over. So I'm going to make this as easy as possible and if I can get at least one room painted, or one light installed this summer, I will be pleased.

2. Don't have surgery
I would be totally cool with not having surgery this summer. We'll find out this week.

3. Try three new recipes
Already on it! I made homemade spaghetti sauce last night and it was a huge success. Maybe for the next two recipes I will actually document them for the blog...

4. Write three chapters in my book
This is so ambitious, I don't even know if I can deal.

5. Visit at least three wineries
Remember, I've got a lot to go if I need to accomplish this on my 30 before 30 list.

And that's it! It's summer, so I'm not real into putting too much pressure on myself. I really want to enjoy this summer without having a huge checklist of goals hanging over my head.

What are your goals for the summer, dear reader?

All Love,

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Life is Good

Happy Tuesday, my friends! Today, I'm off to Georgetown for an MRI. We're trying to get a better idea of what caused the partial obstruction in my intestine, so we can then decide what to do about it.

Quite honestly, I'm a little scared out of my mind. One month ago, I was feeling fine, and could not have even fathomed a reason for surgery to be anywhere in my near future. Now it's a very real possibility, and I just can't handle the thought.

That gives me all the more reason to want to join this linkup that the lovely Belinda is hosting. She believes (and I totes agree) that there is so much joy in the everyday moments of life. Even though I'm dealing with this setback, life is still pretty good.

Found Love. Now What?

Here are some of my favorite everyday moments from this past month:

- Spending time with my parents for Mother's Day Weekend
This was the weekend when I started to get really sick, but I was still so happy to have my parents up for a visit. I don't get to see them enough in a year, and I never could have imagined how much I would miss living close to them. Every day I wish the distance was shorter.

- Watching rom coms with Matt in the hospital
Every evening, Matt would bring me a bag of whatever I requested from the house, and he would help me change into pajamas. Then we would curl up together in my hospital bed and watch a rom com of my choosing. Hospitals stay can be miserable, and this basically helped me survive.

- A hot bubble bath at home the night I was discharged
No explanation necessary.

- Making more home cooked meals
Somehow I managed to do this, even with being sick and in the hospital for a week.

- Spending time with our neighbors
Now that the weather has finally warmed up, we're spending more time outside and spending more time getting to know our neighbors. It's nice to have so many that our age living in our neighborhood, and I'm excited for this summer.

- Taking lots of pictures with my new camera
Thanks for the birthday present, mom and pop!

- Eating pizza on the couch and binge watching True Detective
My absolute favorite way to spend an evening.

So as you can see, dear reader, May was full of wonderful moments. What are your favorite, everyday moments from the past month?

All Love,

Monday, June 2, 2014

Just Another Music Monday, V.19

Oh Monday. I am never, ever please to see you, but I guess I'll just deal with it. I hope you all had lovely and pleasant weekends, because we certainly did. We did a whole lot of nothing--well, a lot of eating, sleeping, and watching Game of Thrones. Thanks for the complimentary HBO, Verizon!

On Saturday, we stuffed our faces at brunch, then dropped my laptop off at the Apple Store for some much needed updates. The employee took a look at lappy and said, "Oh, you're on os x 10.5, and we're at 10.9 now." Whoops. Anyway, the updates were free (my favorite kind of update), and I practically feel like I'm using a brand new computer! Well, almost.

On Sunday we went to brunch with our sweet niece, Charlotte. We both have to wear our sunglasses in public--you know, paparazzi and all.

Before we met up with the little diva, we strolled around the farmers market. Despite only having $2 in cash, we managed to come home with a basket of fresh strawberries, homemade peach daiquiri mix, and a bacon habanero donut. Maybe it was my mad bargaining skills, or maybe some of the vendors accepted credit cards. I'll leave it a mystery.

I used the strawberries to make this strawberry scone recipe from Joy the Baker (which I was tipped off to by Betsy), and it was AMAZING. I will share my experience later this week. Obviously, I've still got plenty of strawberries left over, so I can't wait to bake some more.

In other news, Millie played super hard with the puppy brigade, and she is just the cutest ever.

Now that I've overwhelmed you with all the mundane details of my weekend, let me know tell you about some music you should know: Sugar and the Hi-Lows, and Storyman. They were the two opening acts for the Ingrid Michaelson concert, and they were both amazing. Sugar and the Hi-Lows err a bit on the country side, but it's just enough to feel like easy listening, without all the twanginess and heartbreak that comes with today's country music. Storyman is definitely not country--for some reason, I'm reminded of the Script, except it's not as pop-y and definitely not as boring as I feel the Script ended up being. I've picked out some of my favorites for you all to enjoy! (Grooveshark was a little low on options, so I recommend you just go download both of their recent albums--it's worth it, I promise.)

Music You Need to Know: June Edition by Kate T. on Grooveshark

It's going to be a long week, friends. Hold on.

All Love,

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