Monday, June 2, 2014

Just Another Music Monday, V.19

Oh Monday. I am never, ever please to see you, but I guess I'll just deal with it. I hope you all had lovely and pleasant weekends, because we certainly did. We did a whole lot of nothing--well, a lot of eating, sleeping, and watching Game of Thrones. Thanks for the complimentary HBO, Verizon!

On Saturday, we stuffed our faces at brunch, then dropped my laptop off at the Apple Store for some much needed updates. The employee took a look at lappy and said, "Oh, you're on os x 10.5, and we're at 10.9 now." Whoops. Anyway, the updates were free (my favorite kind of update), and I practically feel like I'm using a brand new computer! Well, almost.

On Sunday we went to brunch with our sweet niece, Charlotte. We both have to wear our sunglasses in public--you know, paparazzi and all.

Before we met up with the little diva, we strolled around the farmers market. Despite only having $2 in cash, we managed to come home with a basket of fresh strawberries, homemade peach daiquiri mix, and a bacon habanero donut. Maybe it was my mad bargaining skills, or maybe some of the vendors accepted credit cards. I'll leave it a mystery.

I used the strawberries to make this strawberry scone recipe from Joy the Baker (which I was tipped off to by Betsy), and it was AMAZING. I will share my experience later this week. Obviously, I've still got plenty of strawberries left over, so I can't wait to bake some more.

In other news, Millie played super hard with the puppy brigade, and she is just the cutest ever.

Now that I've overwhelmed you with all the mundane details of my weekend, let me know tell you about some music you should know: Sugar and the Hi-Lows, and Storyman. They were the two opening acts for the Ingrid Michaelson concert, and they were both amazing. Sugar and the Hi-Lows err a bit on the country side, but it's just enough to feel like easy listening, without all the twanginess and heartbreak that comes with today's country music. Storyman is definitely not country--for some reason, I'm reminded of the Script, except it's not as pop-y and definitely not as boring as I feel the Script ended up being. I've picked out some of my favorites for you all to enjoy! (Grooveshark was a little low on options, so I recommend you just go download both of their recent albums--it's worth it, I promise.)

Music You Need to Know: June Edition by Kate T. on Grooveshark

It's going to be a long week, friends. Hold on.

All Love,

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