Monday, June 16, 2014

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Hello and Happy Monday! I am currently en route to Blacksburg for work. It's our statewide, premiere leadership event for teens. It's going to be a great event, but it's also going to be exhausting. I'll return Thursday, then I turn around and head out to our week long summer camp on Sunday. So, you probably won't see me around here for the next few weeks.

Anyway, sorry to leave you  hanging last week! It's probably not good blogger manners to tell you all I'm about to find out important news, and then radio silence the ENTIRE week.

Well, not complete radio silence. If you follow on Instragram, you probably saw my post about cupcakes, which also stated that I will be having surgery this summer. Womp womp! It was a tough day, followed by a tough week of work and grad school (because some things never stop, even when you are crashing emotionally).

I won't go into too much detail (in this post), but it's basically a Crohn's Disease issue, and there's really nothing else to do but operate. I meet with a surgeon in a few weeks, and at that point I'll know more. Surgery will probably be scheduled for sometime later this summer. The good news is that I'll be in Georgetown, so that means Matt can get me another dozen cupcakes once I'm allowed solid foods.
Thanks for sticking around, friends! I know I've been MIA, and I cannot even hope for consistent posting over the next few weeks or so, but I'll do my best to keep checking in, and attempt to provide you with entertaining content.

All Love,

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