Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Sad Goodbye

This past weekend, Matt's parents had to say goodbye to their dog, Poe. We found out yesterday, so it's been a bit of a tough week so far.

Poe wasn't that old, but somehow he hurt his back and it caused him to be paralyzed. He wasn't getting better and was in a lot of pain, so they had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye.

He was such a crazy little guy. He loved sitting on the couch and going "deer hunting" by staring out the back window. I'll always remember how, any time I was feeling sad or ill and would fall asleep on the couch, Poe would cuddle up with his head next to mine until I got up.

Please say a prayer and send up some positive thoughts for Poe and our family. Poe Poe is no longer in pain, but we sure are as we try to deal without him here.

All Love,

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