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2014: The Best and Worst in Music

Last year, Helene in Between hosted this awesome linkup featuring the top picks for the best and worst in music. Obviously, it was a hit, and obviously, due to my obsession over music, I had to do it again. In the interest of time, I will try to keep it to five songs each. Here we go!

The Best Songs Of 2014

There's no one song here to write down--2014 was the year Nickelback released yet another album of nails-on-a-chalkboard whining. Apparently, they have repeatedly missed the memo that they need to stop making music.

2. "Cool Kids," Echosmith
Don't get me wrong, this song would have been my jam in 7th grade, and I actually kind of liked it at first...until I saw the video. A parade of adolescents wearing the most pitiful expressions, broken up by shots of the lead singer scrunching her face into all sorts of emotions, was kind of the worst.

3. "Sky Full of Stars," Coldplay
I expect better from Coldplay.

4. "Fireball," Pitbull
I used to find Pitbull tolerable, but each song he records just makes me respect him even less. And yet, the less respect I have for him, the more money he seems to make. What is this sick and twisted world we live in??

5. "This is How We Do" Katy Perry
Maybe if Katy Perry was 22 years old, this song would work. Instead, it just reminds me of that 40 year old who tries to hang out with the college kids at the bar, buying everyone shots in a desperate attempt to get their finger back on the pulse of what's hip.

Now that we've slogged through the worst, let's cheer ourselves up with a review of the very best! It is so hard to keep this to just five songs, but it's almost 9pm and I'm likely to die soon from the spin class I just attended. So, a short list it is!

1. "Riptide" or "Mess is Mine," Vance Joy
I can't pick between these two songs. Of course, "Riptide" made me fall in love with Vance Joy in the first place, but "Mess is Mine" made that love so much stronger. It is basically 50% of the reason I bought tickets to see Tay Tay this summer. (With 25% being because I get to drink beer in a ballpark without having to sit through a baseball game, and the remaining 25% goes to Taylor. No, jk kidding, love you Tay Tay 4eva.)

2. "Blank Space," Taylor Swift
Speaking of Tay Tay, you KNOW she had to make this list! I know many would choose "Shake it Off," but I had to go with this one because it is the best, cleverly written "Eff You, Haters!" I have ever seen from any artist.

3. "Yellow Flicker Beat," Lorde
Sometimes, I get scared and think, "what if Lorde peaked in her first album?" then I heard this song and all was right in the world.

4. "Fools Gold," Fitz and the Tantrums
If you thought you couldn't love Fitz and the Tantrums anymore, think again.

5. "When You Were Mine," Night Terrors of 1927 ft. Tegan and Sara
I chose this song because 1., it is awesome, and 2., it makes me so pumped for what could be coming next for Night Terrors. They surfaced a few years ago with "Dust and Bones," and I knew right then we would be friends. They haven't produced a full length album just yet, but you know when they do I'm going to lose my shit.

Ok, so I said I was going to keep this short, but I have to throw out a few of my very favorite albums from this year. You will thank me, I promise.

1. Lights Out, Ingrid Michaelson
Ingrid has been my very favorite artist for the past seven years or so, ever since I heard her on an episode of Grey's Anatmoy I watched while recovering from surgery and thought to myself, "this woman speaks to my soul." I was a little bit worried about this album, because I didn't care too much for Human Again, but Lights Out reminds me of every single reason why I love Ingrid.

2. Ledges, Noah Gundersen
If you're looking to find an folksy/indie album so you can sound hipster, let this be it. Seriously. I just can't even describe how much this album ruled my life for a solid three months.

3. Strange Desire, Bleachers
Jack Antonoff, from a tiny little band you've probably never heard of (Fun., they weren't that big or anything), released his own album and it is the bomb dot com. The sound is a little bit different than Fun., but there are some really great songs on this album--it makes me feel like I am in the middle of an 80s movie love story, in a good way.

Alright friends, we are getting close to bedtime here, so I'm going to wrap this up. In conclusion, don't listen to the worst songs. Listen to these amazing songs I have handpicked for you, and you will have a very fulfilling end to 2014.

The Best of 2014 by Kate T. on Grooveshark All Love,

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