Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fashionably Late: Holiday Style

Hello, friends! I debated doing this post, because the pictures turned out so terrible--white walls do not a pretty background make. But, I went through the effort to put on lipstick and mascara, so we will move forward as planned.

The holidays have to be the best time of year for getting dressed up. So many outfits with glitter and sequins, it just makes my heart so warm! I've been very good at resisting all the sparkly displays this year, and instead of purchasing anything new for Christmas Eve, I've decided to go with a few, festive pieces that are already in my closet.

First, I started with a tulle skirt. What's more festive than a tulle skirt? Okay, probably a sequined skirt would be more festive, but would a sequined skirt twirl like this? I don't think so.

Next, I added a sweater I picked up at the J. Crew warehouse over a year ago. You can't do the holidays without an embellished top!

Finally, I topped it off with my trusty Kate Spade earrings and my purple wedding shoes. I typically only wear these shoes once a year--purple shoes don't always go with everything, and I suppose I'm just trying to make them last.

As usual, Millie wanted in on the photo shoot action.

And sometimes, if you take a picture in front of a painting, it looks much better. No. I'm kidding. But you can't blame a girl for trying!

Top // J. Crew (similar); Skirt // Zehui (similar); Shoes // Nina; Earrings // Kate Spade (similar); Watch // Michael Kors (similar)
I'm planning on sporting this little ensemble to Christmas Eve mass. I've got plenty more holiday outfits where that came from! But who knows if they will make it into a post. To follow along with all of my glamorous outfits over the next week, check me out on insta.

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What are your favorite holiday outfits?

All Love,

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