Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday Traditions

It's that time of year again--the time when everyone starts waxing poetic about their favorite holiday traditions. Sipping hot chocolate by the fire, baking cookies with little ones, singing carols--anything that sounds warm and cozy and gives you the warm fuzzies. But what about the traditions we don't share on Instagram? If you think about it, a tradition could include something that happens year after year, whether you intend for it to happen or not. Here are a few of my favorite, non-traditional holiday traditions.

1. Fighting with my brothers over the lighting of the Advent Wreath
So maybe this doesn't actually anymore, but lighting the Advent Wreath as an adult always brings to mind lighting the Advent Wreath as a child, and how my brother and I would fight tooth and nail over who was going to get to play with matches that night. Such sweet childhood memories.

2. Fighting with Matt over the opening of gifts
Fighting over the Advent Wreath has been replaced with another holiday themed brawl--a constant back-and-forth between myself and my dear husband over when we will open gifts. "Can't we just open one gift early," He'll say, and I'll respond, "No." This fight also includes always keeping an eye on Matt, as he is known to snoop.

3. Gettin' rip roarin' drunk!
Did that make me sound like some sort of hillbilly hooligan? Good. Admit it--it's not the holidays until you've had a few too many glasses of spiced wine or eggnog. There's something about meeting up with friends and family, and the stress of seeing friends and family, that drives us all to drink. In 2011 and 2013, it all went down on the Eve of Christmas Eve, as we caught up with old friends back home. (For 2013, I blame my brother and his insistence that I try all the holiday themed drinks. Couldn't argue since he was buyin'!)

In 2012, it was a few too many cadillac margaritas for our one week anniversary. Lastly, this year's holiday shenanigans have come and gone, but it did not reach the level of me unpacking and playing "Greensleeves" with my flute, so you know it was quite tame.
For all the years I was under 21, just replace alcohol with ritz crackers, a Hillshire Farms cheese ball, and a coke over ice, and you've got yourself a lifelong holiday tradition.

4. Eating all the things
Ever heard the phrase, "Christmas calories don't count?" Well, it's a scientific fact. It's true, you should look it up.

5. Sobbing along to Judy Garland's "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"
I start playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving and I don't stop until New Year's. This song really does have a depressing origin, and it's not Christmas until you've caught me crying and feeling all the nostalgia to this song at least once.

And there you have it, dear reader--my most typical holiday traditions in a nutshell. What are yours?

All Love,

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