Thursday, December 18, 2014

Where Are They Now? Blogger Edition.

And by "they," I am only referring to myself, and my location is the same it's been for the past three years. I suppose a more accurate title would be, "How I have been spending my time since I stopped blogging," but that's longer and not nearly as clever. Also, can't we all just agree how much we want to be on, or be, a VH1 show? That's what I thought.

Let's get to it.

1. Spending time with my family
Let me tell you about a game. It's called "3/3rds Gang's All Here," it is the best game, and don't let anybody ever tell you otherwise.

2. Eating pizza
Joe's Pizza is my life. We order it at least once a week, and the fact that we don't order it every single day is a testament to the strength of our willpower.

3. Taking grad school classes
And disappointing everyone by making an A-.

4. Acclimating myself to shots of Humira every other week
Or, more accurately, acclimating myself to a panic attack every other week until I finally force my husband to do the shots, and only then getting through it with the help of whiskey.

5. Trying to write a novel
I tried to complete National Novel Writing Month--tried and failed MISERABLY. I even made a bet with Matt to motivate myself--new bedroom furniture was on the line!! Luckily, Matt is very generous and gave me an extension. We'll see how it pans out--maybe I'll even post excerpts! Then you can all be hipsters and say "I read that book before it was popular."

6. Exercising
Steroid weight is no joke. Spin class is also no joke.

7. Working. All the time, working, it won't stop!
Last week was my first week without a late meeting. And by "late meeting," I mean I go into work around 8am and get home after 9pm.

8. Talking about returning to blogging
I've been talking about returning to blogging since I stopped, but nothing ever materialized. Actions speak louder than words and all that, so here I am! For now, until school starts again and I hate everything.

As you can see, I have been quite the busy bee this fall! I seriously don't know if I have the time management skills to keep this going once my next class starts, but we shall see. Until then, please enjoy my witty observations, my impeccably styled fashion posts, my music recommendations, and pictures of the most beautiful goldendoodle in the world.

Case in point.

All Love,

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