Friday, January 2, 2015

2015: Be Bold

Happy New Year, friends! 2014 was another great year with family, friends, sweet little Millie, and the love of my life. However, there were a few stressful situations that I don't wish to repeat, and hopefully those things will get cleared up within the first few months of the new year.

I'm not one for resolutions--I've found that the more I make, the more I break. Despite that little fact, I decided to go ahead and do what bloggers do and post my own list. The key to a good list of New Year's resolutions is to be bold--you know, keep your expectations low, and you'll avoid the crushing weight of disappointment.

1. Eat more pizza.
I know I should probably be creating a Pinterest board of healthy foods that can be thrown in the crockpot, but all thats on my mind this month is "why can't Joe's institute a customer loyalty program?"

2. Try a new wine.
I'll admit it--I've been in a rut lately. I just can't stop drinking the same $6 cab sauv from Wegman's. I think it's time I live a little and grab a $6 pinot noir.

3. Floss more
I know, I know--I said I would keep my expectations low. But I'm not talking flossing every day--good grief! Who can live up to such high standards?! I'm thinking if I can get to it maybe three times a week, I'll be golden.

4. Throw a Mardi Gras party
I've got a sparkly tutu and a hurricane mix from Pat O's--it's got to be put to good use.

5. Go to the gym sometimes
Not to be confused with "going to the gym all the time," which can be quite daunting.

6. Take a trip
I'm leaving this one a little open ended. It could mean take a trip to the west coast, take a trip to Harry Potter World, or, take a trip to the grocery store. I'd be totally cool with any of these options.

7. Spend as much time as possible playing the Gang's All Here game
Now this is one resolution I can really get behind!

In all seriousness friends, this is the year I'm not going to tie myself down with lists and expectations. I spend too much time staying stressed, and not enough time enjoying the life I have. This year, that must change.

How will you be bold in 2015?

All Love,

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